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ERP Cloud Systems Technology & Integration


EVO’s ERP provides a range of operations improvement solutions to our business partners that add strategic value to your growth and profitability. The EVO ERP Cloud-based System is an industry-leading technology platform. Each aspect of the system is integrated, creating easy-to-implement efficiencies in our back-office workflow and data management leaving more time to increase and diversify opportunities with these systems in place.


EVO’s robust and sophisticated electronic data interchange (EDI) platform enables real-time speed and efficiency for order processing, inventory knowledge, and data/metrics reporting. Our EDI platform, which continues to advance, has enabled EVO to capture data points through various partners to track efficiencies and opportunities.


With modern technology, information is critical to success. By centralizing information within EVO’s ERP, our customers and partners will achieve operating efficiencies and identify opportunities and challenges across all aspects of the business spectrum. The EVO ERP fully integrates with core systems including finance and accounting, order management, logistics, communications, reporting and analytics, CRM, and others, to provide dynamic data integration and leveraged capabilities.


EVO's Business Intelligence (BI) platform is built for internal, external, end-user, and partner usage. Through business intelligence dashboards, report automation, and real-time data, EVO’s collection of data processes have surpassed customer's expectations. EVO’s data strategy is continuously evolving, gaining opportunity through the power of metrics.
  • Advanced data processing through our supply chain department enable EVO to be predictable and provide high service levels.
  • Efficient transaction and order tracking processing through our dedicated EVO Customer Service Team
  • Customer profile dashboards enabling EVO to understand the full account and history, allowing us to service customers professionally and efficiently