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HavenLock Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Feel free to contact customer service or chat with us during business hours for further assistance.

HAVEN will work on most doors. HAVEN is .8 inches (21mm) high when unlocked. The distance from your floor to the bottom of your door should be larger than .8 inches (21mm) in order to accommodate HAVEN. Try the Nickel Test – if your door can pass over a nickel standing vertically on its side, then HAVEN will work for you! A riser comes in the box that is also utilized as the template. If you need to raise the height of the lock to properly grab the bottom of the door, you can use up to 3 risers before needing longer screws. To properly lock against the door, the locking gate needs to make contact with a minimum of .25 inches of the bottom of the door. This video will help: http://bit.ly/NickelTest

No, HAVEN only works on doors that open inward (inswing doors).

The dimensions are 3.5"W x 29.5" L x .8" H Closed and XX H Open
All HAVEN locks (Mech/Connect/Zwave) are the exact same size and fits standard doors. It is recommended that you have a .8" clearance from the floor to the bottom of the door. Try the Nickel Test (http://bit.ly/NickelTest) – if your door can pass over a nickel standing vertically on its side, then HAVEN will work for you!

HAVEN can work on a variety of floors and works best on hardwood, vinyl, laminate, concrete, and tile floors. Your floor should be clean and clear of any debris before installing. *Please note that when installing HAVEN on tile or concrete you will need to use a masonry bit and utilize concrete screws (not included in the box).

Installing HAVEN requires different tools based on your type of flooring. For a hardwood only install, you can use the install screws included in the box. You will need a power drill and a steel drill bit. You should have a measuring tape and pencil to mark the floor and door where needed. Hardwood installation should not take longer than 20-40 minutes with the proper tools. If you have concrete or tile flooring, you will need a masonry drill bit and concrete screws (we recommend Tapcon masonry screws). Access our installation guide at the link below for complete details on installing HAVEN.

If you own/purchase our HAVEN Hub it will allow you to remotely control your HAVEN Connect as well as connect to Amazon’s Alexa. With the Hub you can:

  • Control Access from anywhere you’re connected to the internet
  • Use the HAVEN Lock smartphone app or the myHAVENlock.com web portal.
  • Get notified when others lock/unlock your HAVEN Connect.
  • See Lock Status from anywhere - never worry about whether you locked the doors.
  • Multiple locks can be controlled within 30 ft (approx) of HAVEN Hub
  • Receive attack detection notifications
  • Integrate with Amazon’s Alexa and set scenes and automations

The Z-wave Plus version of HAVEN integrates with other third party home platforms to include (**note: the HAVEN Z-wave Plus DOES NOT integrate with the HAVEN App, Key Fob or the HAVEN Hub):

  • Ring security base station
  • Vera Smart Hub
  • Honeywell Hub
  • Smartthings
  • Hubitat
  • Several Alarm.com panels with S0/S2 security interface

HAVEN will work on your double doors by placing the unit in the center of the double door opening. This will ensure that both doors are secured.

We designed HAVEN so anyone could install it. On average our customers report that the average install time is 14 minutes. We have a step-by-step installation guide to help you through the process. This guide is constantly being updated and tweaked based on our customer feedback, so feel free to tell us if something is not clear. Please check out our YouTube video below which will guide you through installation. You can also follow our step by step guide at install.HAVENlock.com. If you need additional help, we suggest finding a local handyman or checking websites like HomeAdvisor or Angie’s List.

In the locked and secure position, HAVEN will raise to 1.5" tall from the floor. Your HAVEN comes with one riser that also doubles as the template. If you need additional risers, please purchase them on our website. HAVEN has been strength tested with up to 3 risers installed. Adding more than 2 risers to the unit may change how it performs under stress.

You might still be able to install HAVEN if the distance from your floor to the door is less than the required height of .8 inches (21mm). If your door is wooden, you can easily shave a small amount off the bottom. Contact Us and let us know your situation and we will work on a solution for you! You can navigate to this video here as well to help with the door modification How to Shorten a Door - YouTubewww.youtube.com › watch

Installing a kick plate helps in two ways. First, it will prevent any damage to your door when someone attempts to open the door when HAVEN is up in the locked position. Secondly, installing a kick plate directly above your HAVEN, so there is no gap, reduces the amount of foreign debris and objects that can affect the product. Additionally, if you have an adjustable threshold, raising that to its maximum usable height is also advised. You can find our recommendation for a kick plate here.

We recommend using HAVEN with doors made of steel, aluminum or wood with a solid interior. Any door with a hollow core or a foam interior will be less effective.

HAVEN needs to firmly hit the bottom .25 inches of your door when in the locked position. If your weather stripping is preventing this, it will need to be removed. We recommend installing an outside door sweep when using HAVEN since it will not interfere with the lock and will still protect your threshold.

All HAVEN products are 10x stronger than the average deadbolt. An average deadbolt can be broken or breached with 3-4 hard kicks to the door. The weakest point of any residential door is the lock strike plate, the deadbolt throw-bolt and the door hinges. The structural integrity of the door also varies when under an attack. HAVEN increases your door’s strength by adding a blocking layer to the bottom of your door which increases shear force applied to the door.

HAVEN was independently tested under laboratory conditions against the deadbolt using a drop weight that simulated the force of a human kick. HAVEN on average lasted 10x longer than the deadbolt and in most cases was never breached. You can see the consumer reports test here: https://www.consumerreports.org/door-locks/best-and-worst-door-locks/

The lock gate should contact at least ¼” of the solid part of the door at the bottom to insure proper strength.

HAVEN is very secure both physically and digitally. When HAVEN is locked, it has been tested to last up to 10x longer than a deadbolt. HAVEN Connect uses military grade encryption to keep hackers out and our app is built and secured by UniKey, one of the world's leading access control companies. UniKey is so secure even an elite group of hackers couldn't break into their system. Find out more about UniKey's security here.

No, HAVEN Mech is a privacy lock, which means it can only be locked from within your home or apartment.