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  • Blanket Sales Order Terms and Conditions

1. By submitting this IPP Agreement, Customer represents that it is duly authorized and agrees to be legally bound by the terms hereof, including all of the program descriptions contained in the Terms listed and to purchase all of the quantities specified in this IPP Agreement.

2. EVO will bring in Quantity prior to each Release Date (Release Date Program) or stock the Quantity if no Release Date is provided (Release by Request Program).

3. If no Release Dates are provided, Duration can be up to 3 months per IPP Agreement.

4. If no Release Dates are provided, EVO will hold the stock for the Duration or until the Quantity is depleted. 

5. If no Release Dates are provided, multiple agreements up to 3 months each can be requested by entering a number between 1 to 4 in the IPP # box. These agreements can cover up to a 12-month period to ensure supply is available or on order as soon as current IPP is depleted or Duration ends. 

6. Quantities remaining at the end of the Duration will be shipped to customer.

7. Should you decide to exit the IPP, then EVO requires 90 days of notice and that you take whatever is in stock and/or on order specifically for you that can’t be reallocated or cancelled.

8. First Release Date and Requested Start Date are contingent on product lead times. EVO will review if date can be achieved and provide new date if not.

9. There can be as many release dates as required for an item but they can’t extend beyond the duration of the IPP.

10. Changes to Release Dates and quantities are not guaranteed after IPP is submitted.

11. Selecting Yes for Auto-Renew will enable EVO to automatically enter new agreements for the customer as existing agreements expire. Items and quantities are set at EVO's discretion and the customer is committed to take the material that is being ordered unless they state otherwise. Advance notice should be provided to EVO if Items need to be removed or adjusted. Customer will receive notifications about Items and Quantities that are ordered. 

12. Bulk products are subject to review by EVO.