Why are Touchless Entry Systems So Popular?

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Touchless technology has fast become a popular choice for many homes and businesses. With more and more homes moving to smart tech — and any technology which allows for simpler processes — touchless technology and entry systems are great examples of how modern homes and businesses can improve with the times. 

There are many benefits to touchless entry systems, and in a world more aware regarding the spreading of germs and good hygiene practices, anything which can help to reduce touch contact whilst still providing the same key service will be a plus for any home or business. 

Examples of Touchless Technology 

Here are just a few of the ways touchless technology can be used in your home and more. 

a) Voice recognition

b) Face recognition

c) Motion sensors (as used with sliding automatic doors)

d) Connected devices (such as opening a door or unlocking your car with an app on your smartphone)

e) Gesture recognition (allowing a certain movement to trigger a motion sensor)

Benefits of Touchless Entry Systems

While there is a great number of touchless technology systems out there, touchless entry is one that has an increasing number of benefits. So why are touchless entry systems so popular?

Your Hands Can Be Left Free 

Hands-free technology is always extremely helpful in certain situations. Around the home, if you have a touchless entry with your doors, such as a smart door opener and closer, this can make it a lot easier to fulfil specific home tasks. You can return home with arms full of groceries without having to worry about opening the door, you can bring in a load of washing from the garden without having to stop, and you can carry out food and drink for your summer gatherings without worrying about someone getting the door for you. 

Reduction of Germs

Touchless entry systems are perfect for good hygiene and can be very popular with people who want to minimize hand contact. Having touchless entry like with a sliding door opener means you can avoid germs on door handles.

Great Alternative to Carrying Keys

Traditionally, the only way to open a door was through a key, and if you don’t have a spare key set on you (and it’s very unlikely you’d be carrying two sets), this can often mean trouble if you lose or forget your key. With no other way to get into your home, you may be forced to call a locksmith or wait long hours for alternative help. 

Eradicating the need for keys and using touchless entry systems which use other recognition practices means you never have to worry about being unable to gain access to your home. 

Extra Security

Losing your home key or having a key stolen puts your property and life at risk. With touchless entry systems which are based on facial or voice recognition, you have the extra benefit of securing your home in a way that doesn’t carry the same risk. 

Touchless Entry with EVO

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