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Which Blinds Should You Choose for a Sliding Glass Door?

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April 9, 2021 11:26:35 AM PDT April 9, 2021 11:26:35 AM PDTth, April 9, 2021 11:26:35 AM PDT

Choosing an automatic sliding door for your home is a great option for easier doorway accessibility, embracing more natural light, and enjoying a stylish home design. While sliding doors are perfect for a brighter home, you also want to be sure that you have practical blinds to use during darker hours or when you want to control your home’s lighting levels. 

When it comes to choosing the right blinds for your automatic sliding door, there are many great styles available — but first, ask yourself these quick questions to better understand what you’re looking for from a blind or the considerations you might need to make. 

Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors: Top Considerations

1) How narrow is your door space? Will the blind fit to the door, or will it need to be mounted on the wall above? 

2) How will your door handle work with your chosen window dressing? Would you benefit from a push button door opener that can be mounted on the wall beside your door instead of interfering with the blinds? 

3) Are you looking for practical options for your sliding doors, such as blackout blinds, or mainly for aesthetic purposes?

Which Blinds Should You Choose?

Here are some of the top options of the best blinds for sliding glass doors, whether you have a regular handle or a push button door opener

Vertical Blinds

Naturally, when dealing with a sliding door as opposed to a traditional window, you’re going to want vertical blinds which are tailored for a long-distance drop. You also want to make sure the vertical design is consistent within the fabric makeup, such as vertical pleats as opposed to horizontal ones. 

Vertical blinds come in many shapes and designs; the classic vertical blind can be pushed to the side to allow access to your doorway, or you may want a traditional drop blind with horizontal wooden slats. 

When choosing a vertical blind, it’s important to think about your own mobility and whether you have the means to physically push or reach with this type of blind. If not, you may want to consider one of the other options below.

Sliding Panels 

Instead of a blind that moves or drops, you may want a sliding panel that is fixed on a track and moves in the same way as a sliding door does. These panels can give sleek and thorough coverage over your entire glass door and can easily be moved from side to side. It’s a very versatile design in terms of colors and opacity, and these sliding panels are also easy to operate. 

Shutter Panels 

Shutters are a very classic home look for windows and doors, and they also add extra privacy and security. Fixing shutter panels to your sliding doors means an extra protective layer, too. This can be a flawless classic design option if you also want the ability to open your shutter panels individually while they are fully down on your sliding doors or pull the shutters completely back when not needed. 

No matter the blinds you choose, we have products to work around any sliding door design and match your needs, such as wall-mounted door openers. Speak to EVO today.