What Can Sliding Doors Be Used For?

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April 26, 2021 4:10:00 PM PDT April 26, 2021 4:10:00 PM PDTth, April 26, 2021 4:10:00 PM PDT

Sliding doors have been around forever. There are several types that are used in both existing structures and new construction. 

Servery Door 

The servery door serves a bunch of purposes. Depending on the building or home design, it can be used as a pass through from the kitchen to the dining area in restaurants, or from the kitchen to the serving area at home. These are typically bi-folding, but can be sliding too. 


Entry Door  

As the name suggests, sliding doors can function as the entry door to a house or business. Typically one see’s a swinging door in a house, but many times it’s a motorized sliding door for a commercial building. There are many manufacturers for commercial entry door automation. Many of them include the doors as part of the product. Brands such as Stanley, Horton and Assa-Abloy dominate those markets.  


Pocket Door 

Pocket doors are very common in both older houses and in newer construction. They are installed so that when the door is open it slides into the wall. The advantage is that no space is required on either side of the door for it to open. Pocket doors typically are top hung and can be manually operated or automatically opened with the assistance of an automated door opener.  


Barn Style Door 

One of the newer and currently in fashion door systems is a reimagining of the good old fashioned sliding barn door. There are a lot of manufacturers currently producing sliding door hardware to install a barn door in your house. It is best used between rooms that do not require privacy. Most barn door hardware is exposed, and on rails. These doors can be automated with barn door systems, and are great for people with mobility issues, since even heavier versions slide open very easily. 


Patio Door 

The patio door is pretty much a staple of all new construction. They come in single panel and multipaneled versions. The most common version is vinyl, but some of the higher end ones are aluminum and clad wood versions. They offer a nice view of the outdoors and convenient access. The patio door is very simple to automate for doors that have easy and smooth operation already. Microwave or motion sensors are great accessories that make it easy to carry trays of food or drinks in and out of the house for backyard barbecues and parties, regardless of the backyard design. 


Lift and Slide 

As the name implies, these doors get lifted and slide. They are already popular in Europe and are gaining popularity in the US. The new technology is pretty simple, the door handle is turned, the door panels lift and the door moves smoothly across a track. Once in place, the handle is turned once more and the door is locked into whatever position you want. These are fancy patio doors for high end homes. This type of door is great for people looking to improve upon their indoor/outdoor living space. Lift and slide door systems help showcase your fancy and potentially elaborate outdoor area.