What are Automatic Doors Used For?

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April 8, 2021 9:18:46 AM PDT April 8, 2021 9:18:46 AM PDTth, April 8, 2021 9:18:46 AM PDT

You may have always thought automatic doors were for commercial buildings and shops and maybe never given much thought to the whole host of other benefits and uses which automatic doors have. Automatic doors can be helpful and modern additions to any home, as well as providing key features for commercial properties. 

So what exactly can automatic doors be used for?

Accessibility within Residential Properties 

Automatic doors can be vital for people struggling with low mobility or who need to use a wheelchair. Without an automatic door opening and closing system, residents will not be able to easily use their doors and doorways, and it could even increase the risk of injury or other problems. 

Automatic doors are therefore vital for residential properties where accessibility is key between each and every room. 

Contactless Homes 

Some homes may want to embrace contactless and smart technology fully. Using an automated door with a contactless door lock is a great way to upgrade the security of your home, and be able to better control opening, closing, and locking systems. Contactless doors are also great for busy households that may need to move from room to room or outside, with their hands full, such as carrying plates or laundry. 

While contactless can be a popular feature for residential homes, it can also be applied to commercial properties too. 

Easier Pet Control

The routine of a pet means a lot of getting up, letting out, and letting in — and usually at the pet’s command. Whether you have one pet or many, this can be a demand, and you may want to look for easier options when your pet wants to come and go as they please. 

An automatic door with a pet sensor is, therefore, a great feature to have if you wish your pet to be in control of their own entering and leaving, and means you also don’t need to worry about leaving the door open accidentally when managing a pet. 

Emergency Services

Needless to say, automatic doors are vital for hospitals and other emergency buildings. Automatic doors allow patients and others to move freely through the building and have complete access to wheelchairs, patient beds, stretchers, and more.

Large Numbers of People within Public Buildings 

Many commercial buildings and public locations will need to allow large groups of people at a time, such as for events, so automatic doors make the process a whole lot easier by enabling smoother foot traffic. 

Not only that, but commercial stores will need to allow through customers who may have bulky shopping items, so a sliding door opener and other automatic systems will be key for ensuring enough space and access. 

Improved Cleanliness 

There’s no doubt that less contact with doors and door handles, especially in public places, is better for health and safety and for good hygiene practices. Automatic doors can be used for improved cleanliness and reducing hand contact on door systems. 

Do automatic doors sound like something you’d be interested in? If so, you can contact our expert team any time to discuss your options.