Ways to Make Your House More Touchless

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April 29, 2021 2:07:00 PM PDT April 29, 2021 2:07:00 PM PDTth, April 29, 2021 2:07:00 PM PDT

In today’s world, we often want to be as touchless as possible. The easiest place to begin is within your own home. You can do that using an array of smart or automated technology, such as smart speakers, automatic doors, and smart light bulbs.

Smart Speaker

In 2014, smart speakers were released. In the 7 short years since then, they have revolutionized our lives at home. From opening doors, to playing music, to setting reminders, it has helped us everyday. Some even have cameras and screens inside them, to make it easier to video chat and make calls to other people. Amazon was the first to make the smart speaker, coming out with the Echo. Since then, Google, Apple, Facebook and Sonos have released their own version, each speaking to you, giving you the ability to set up routines, and recognize your voice. These products begin at less than $50, making them attainable for your household.

Automated Patio Doors

Automated doors have been around for years, but today you can even install it in your own home. Patio exterior doors are a great place to start. They are great for parties, people with accessibility issues, and for pets. No more having to get up every time your dog wants to go for 5 minutes - they can do it themselves! Plus, you can operate the automation anywhere, using the app on your phone to lock or unlock the door as you please. No matter what your home or backyard design is, if you have a sliding door leading outside, this can be a great addition to your home.

Automated Interior Doors

Another great use for automated doors is interior barn or pocket doors. Your closet can automatically open as you walk up to it, and close when you're done, leaving your rooms looking neat and tidy. Or your dining room can be closed off when not using it, using a pocket door. And, if you’re serving a dinner party, the door will automatically open or close for people, so you do not have to balance the door as you bring in platters and dishes. Sliding barn doors can be great inside and throughout your home, dividing rooms and giving privacy when needed.

Smart Light Bulbs

At one point, TV shows featured futurist lights that clapped on and off, or were turned off by a robot that the protagonist spoke to. Today, smart light bulbs are one of the latest items of new tech you can buy. They are similar to regular light bulbs, but they also link to an app on your phone. The light bulbs can be installed in any lighting fixture in your home, from ceiling lights, to wall lights, to outdoor hanging lights.

The device is turned off by using your phone, therefore no need to touch a light switch throughout the day. They can also be hooked up to a smart speaker, and when you say “Alexa, turn on the living room lights”, they will automatically turn on. Plus, you can turn the lights on or off remotely. This can make it look like your home when you’re not, or see if you left any lighting fixtures on, and save electricity. 

Use this new technology throughout your home, to make your home touchless and easier to navigate.