Sliding Doors vs. Normal Doors: Which is Better?

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April 9, 2021 11:40:40 AM PDT April 9, 2021 11:40:40 AM PDTth, April 9, 2021 11:40:40 AM PDT

Having a dependable door is vital for any household, combining security, aesthetic appeal, and practical design. When it comes to choosing the right door, however, it can be difficult to narrow it down when you’re faced with so many options. 

One of the biggest choices to make can be choosing between a traditional door and a sliding door. You may not have even considered a sliding door before now, but there are many benefits to this option that you may want to explore. 

Top Benefits of Sliding Doors

1) They’re Better for Accessibility 

If you need a home that is completely accessible and tailored for mobility difficulties, then normal doors may result in problems with opening, closing, and reaching for handles. Sliding doors, therefore, can be the perfect option for accessibility, both as main doors and doors within the home. Choosing automatic sliding doors in particular for your accessible doors means you can easily move through your home without having to reach for any handles at all: perfect for wheelchair users or those who have a busy household and often have their hands full. 

2) They’re Fantastic Space-Saving Options

Having the ability to slide a door to the side instead of opening inwardly or outwardly can be a huge space-saving benefit, especially for rooms on the smaller side. Sliding doors ensure you don’t have to compromise on the space you have, as well as helping a smaller space to feel lighter and brighter by inviting in more natural light through tall glass panels.

3) Easier to Add Extras and Accessories

Sliding doors are very modern and functional, which means they can be tailored in many different ways. You can plan for remote sensors the way you’d like for automatic movement or choose where to have your lock sensor. You can add touchless features, or you can even link up your pet tag to allow your pet to roam in and out through sliding doors freely. 

Choosing Normal Doors

1) They’re Budget Friendly 

One important factor when choosing between the two can be budget. It may be that a normal door is well within your home budget, but sliding doors may be too expensive depending on what your requirements are. Both normal doors and sliding doors are very cost-effective, but it all depends on your budget. 

2) You Don’t Have a Need for Connecting with Outside Space

You may also want to choose a normal door if you have no need for a sliding door when you have no outside space. While sliding doors are ideal for opening up your home and combining with a garden or yard, you may feel this isn’t needed if you have no outside space to work with. 

3) No Accessibility Requirements

You might also have no need for accessible doors if no one in your household struggles with mobility. Therefore, normal doors may be no problem for you to facilitate. 

Sliding Doors or Normal Doors?

While normal doors will always provide solid dependability and offer a range of great style options, sliding doors can offer a lot more to households that require the latest technology, updated accessibility, or modern extras. 

If you’d like to discuss sliding door products, don’t hesitate to contact the team at EVO.