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Sliding Door Cost

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December 25, 2020 5:45:00 AM PST December 25, 2020 5:45:00 AM PSTth, December 25, 2020 5:45:00 AM PST

Are you looking to enjoy spaciousness, natural light, and convenience by installing sliding doors into your property? If so, you’re probably most concerned about the costs of sliding doors compared to other doors. When you apply for sliding door quotes, there are several things you need to keep in mind that can impact the cost and effectiveness of the doors.

The cost of sliding doors tends to be slightly more expensive than French doors, though the comparison is similar. Sliding doors are more energy-efficient than French doors and also take up less space; as a result, any extra sliding door cost pays for itself in energy savings.


The size is a major factor impacting sliding door cost simply because of the raw materials needed for the door, as well as the manhours needed for the installation. A 5 foot door is normally the smallest, and therefore cheapest, option, ranging between $400 and $800 for the door and $500 to $1500 for installation depending on if you want to replace other doors with sliding doors or install them into a solid wall. The price range increases by about 100 dollars for each extra foot you want.

Frame Material

You’ll have different materials available to choose for the door frame, each one impacting the cost of sliding doors:

1.   Aluminum – can be cheap if low quality, but you’ll want a high-quality door frame for security reasons.

2.    Clad wood – these can be more expensive but require little maintenance and are weather resistant – unlike aluminum these are less dent-prone.

3.    Solid wood – can be very expensive, but many say they look the best and are very long-lasting, with insulating properties. They do require frequent maintenance, however.

4.    Fiberglass – tends to be expensive but can be cheap. Easily handles all weather and doesn’t need maintenance.

5.    Vinyl – typically low maintenance and economical but can warp with temperature changes and does not last too long.


The cheapest sliding doors will have simple locks with a physical mechanism. These can be more prone to jamming and are less secure. Better sliding doors have sturdy locks and can have automatic options. Automatic doors don’t hugely impact the sliding door cost, but there are different types: button-operated, pressure-operated, RIFD (allowing a pet to come in and out of the house), infrared operated (opening when it detects body heat). Automatic doors are great for convenience and can make sliding doors more accessible to disabled or older people.

Glass Type

The glass that you use will greatly impact the cost of sliding doors. The most basic is double glazed – single pane doors are far too weak to be used and pose a major security threat. Triple glazed doors are more recommended for security reasons as tend to be more shatter-proof. You can also get hurricane proof sliding doors (which has a special film to prevent shattering), as well as soundproof sliding doors, both of which are more expensive than double-pane; however triple glazed glass will always be the most expensive.