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Keep Your Dog Entertained At Home With Cool Pet Technology

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April 23, 2021 12:10:21 PM PDT April 23, 2021 12:10:21 PM PDTrd, April 23, 2021 12:10:21 PM PDT

Even though we may love to, most people cannot be with their pets 24/7; even if you work from home or bring the dog with you when you leave the house. In the meantime, technology experts and pet lovers have made lots of products that will help you stay connected with your furry friends. Whether you're 10 feet away or 10 million, these luxury dog accessories will keep your dog entertained. Below, we have picked four top pet products we think you, and your dog, will like and use often. 

Dog Treat Dispenser and Camera

Do you ever wish you could be with your dog, without being with your dog? Then the dog treat dispenser and camera may be the product just for you. Give your pooch a friendly hello and a treat when you’re at the office or off on a day trip. There are many companies and versions to choose from, such as from dog supplies online brands Furbo, Petcube Bites, Petzi, and Pawbo. This new technology retails anywhere from $100-$400, depending on the features you want. Most include a camera, treat dispenser, and two-way audio. Some even have a screen built into the device, so the dog can see you as well!


Automatic Sliding Door

Dogs are often at the back door, trying to get outside. Whether it is to play or use the bathroom, they don’t want to always be inside. We can relate. If this sounds like your dog, consider an automatic sliding door

Automatic door opener products fit onto your pre-existing sliding doors. When a person or pet approaches the door, the door automatically opens in front of them. With Autoslide, you can even set it to open to the width of your pet when it approaches. The dog wears a tag on its collar to open the door, so no unwanted animals come in. No more having to pause what you’re doing to get up and let the dog out, and your dog gets a little more autonomy. The door can even be locked and unlocked from your phone using the iLock feature when you’re out of the house. These types of door systems begin at $475 here on our website.


iDig is a modern toy designed with your cute dog in mind to do one thing they were born to do - dig! The toy itself looks like a mini kiddie pool, which your dog puts its front paws in. At the bottom of the little pool, is in a flap to hide your dog toys, balls, etc. Then the dog tries to get to the toys, and viola! Your dog now has hours of mental and physical stimulation, without destroying your yard. Plus, if you live in a unit without a yard, it is a great substitute. The toy is made by iFetch, and retails for $80. It is great for both large and small pets.

Smart Bone

Ever wanted to play video games, but with your dog? Well, with a Smart Bone, you can get pretty close! A SmartBone is an interactive dog toy for both the pet and their owner. The toy is about the size of a bone, but with technology features. It connects to an app on your phone, which guides it around your home. You can pick various play modes, to keep your dog as active or sloth as you would like that day. Plus, the dog can just play with it as a toy when you’re not activating it. Brands such as Wickedbone, Skymee, and Petgeek make this fun interactive toy, starting at $45.

Technology helps us everyday, and is consistent in our lives. With these products, you can now find fun new ways to play with your pup outside.