How to Stop a Cat From Peeing in the House

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April 6, 2021 2:02:12 PM PDT April 6, 2021 2:02:12 PM PDTth, April 6, 2021 2:02:12 PM PDT

If your cat has suddenly started to pee outside the litter box, it is important to find out the reason why they are doing this, as this can help you find the right solution. There are a number of reasons why your trained cat may urinate outside the litter box, including they are an older cat who has medical issues, they have a urinary tract infection, they are not able to access their litter tray, or they do not like the type of litter you have used. 

Although it can be frustrating for you as a cat owner when your furry friend starts to eliminate urine or feces around your home, you need to remember that punishment is not the answer. Instead, you need to identify the problem and find a mutually beneficial solution. 

Is your cat spraying or urinating?

Cats spray to mark their territory, so it is worth finding out if they are actually urinating around your home or if they are simply scent-marking. The easiest way to identify this is to catch your cat in action. 

When a cat pees, they will squat down and deposit a volume of urine on a horizontal surface. However, when they spray, they will be standing up and most likely quivering. 

Does your cat have medical conditions?

If your cat has always used their litter box up until now, it is worth taking them to the vet for a check-up to see if they have any underlying health problems that could be causing them to urinate around your home, such as cystitis or another urinary tract disease. 

It is also common for older cats who struggle to use the cat flap due to stiff joints to urinate around the home. If you think this is the case for your aging cat, you may want to think about installing a sliding glass pet door so that they can come and go as they please from the house to the garden without having to maneuver in and out of a cat flap.

Is your cat scared of going outside?

If you do not have a litter box in your home but instead prefer to let your cat go outside to pee, it is possible that they have started to urinate around your home because they are scared of something outside. This could be a neighbor’s dog, another cat, or maybe they have had a close encounter with a car. 

If you think this may be the issue for your cat, there are a few things that you can do to help them:

  • Use automatic sliding door sensors that will prevent other cats from coming into your home through the cat flap. 
  • Lift up the cat flap and let your cat feel more secure. 
  • Create a quiet corner in your backyard where your cat can eliminate so that they don’t have to leave the safety of your outdoor space. 

Does your cat dislike their litter tray?

Litter tray problems are common with cats, and there are several issues that may be discouraging your cat from using theirs, including:

  • Litter boxes located in the wrong place 
  • The wrong type of litter
  • Not enough litter boxes around your home

The litter tray is too dirty or too clean

As a general rule, cats prefer to have their own litter tray in convenient locations throughout your home.