How to Repair an Automatic Sliding Door

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April 7, 2021 4:31:52 PM PDT April 7, 2021 4:31:52 PM PDTth, April 7, 2021 4:31:52 PM PDT

There are many great benefits to having an automatic sliding door, but what to do when your system runs into a bit of trouble? When automatic doors fail to work as they should, this could mean a problem with the sensor system itself, the glass door, or both. It’s important to repair an automatic sliding door as soon as possible, so you can return to enjoying the benefits of your automatic doors without worry. 

Reasons Your Automatic Sliding Door May Not Be Working 

It can be difficult to pinpoint a reason for malfunction, but here are some of the most common reasons: 

a) The door motorization is compromised or damaged 

b) The sensor itself has stopped working

c) The remote control for the sensor isn’t working 

d) The door mechanism is jammed

How to Repair an Automatic Sliding Door

What’s important to remember when dealing with a sliding door or automated sensor malfunction is that only a trained engineer or brand professional will be able to fully assess the problem and repair a door when needed. In the first instance, it’s always a good idea to contact your brand supplier to discuss the issue. 

In light of common problems for any malfunctions, here are also some things you can do.

Check That Nothing is Blocking the Sensor 

In order for automatic sliding doors to work effectively, the sensors need to be able to pick up on any relevant person or pet. If your sensor is blocked (such as if there’s another piece of technology close by interfering with the system or something physically blocking the sensor), then this may be the simple reason your automatic doors aren’t responding. Therefore, make sure to check for any blocks. 

Check Remote Controls

If you have a sensor tag, such as a pet tag, be sure to check the tag itself to make sure it is fully functional and that your door can pick it up. It may be that the problem lies in the remote controls rather than the automatic door itself, in which case a simple fix of the remote control rather than the door may be all that is needed. 

Add Extra Security 

If you’re concerned about your automatic door opener and sliding door running into problems or malfunctioning, you may also be concerned about your home’s security. You may be thinking about your automatic doors opening when they shouldn’t, becoming jammed, or failing to close. 

Security is at the heart of any home, so it’s important to add security to your sliding door system, too. You can find extra security measures with a contact door lock to make sure that your door is still able to lock securely even if the automatic sensor isn’t responding as it should. 

In Closing

The professional team at EVO are ready to help with any technical requirements for sliding door technology. If you need assistance with automatic sensor repair or further advice, we’re always on hand to help to ensure your home and system remains protected.