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How Hygienic are Automatic Doors? Everything You Need to Know

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April 9, 2021 10:02:52 AM PDT April 9, 2021 10:02:52 AM PDTth, April 9, 2021 10:02:52 AM PDT

Do you ever think about how often you touch a door or door handle every day? In your home, this can be quite a lot, but it’s considerably more when you take into account a public venue with a high amount of foot traffic every single day. That’s a lot of hands on doors with the potential to spread a lot of germs. 

When considering how hygienic automatic doors can be, one of the biggest areas is the fact that no hand contact is needed. In terms of hygiene and cleanliness, with hand contact being one of the biggest spreaders of germs, this is considerably hygienic in itself. 

There is also a reason automatic doors are used in most medical facilities, like hospitals, emergency rooms, and clinics. As well as providing much-needed accessibility for patients and staff rushing in and out, automatic doors also mean that touch contact is at a minimum. This can help to avoid the spreading of germs within a medical facility, too. 

Let’s take a look in more detail at the ways in which automatic doors can be very hygienic. 

Avoid the Spread of Illness

If you live in a home where either you or someone else in your household has come down with an illness, this can easily be spread through what you touch. Even with the best hand washing methods, it’s still possible for illnesses to be passed on through hand-to-hand contact. This means that if you’re moving through your home and touching door handles and doors constantly, you will risk the spread of any illness like common colds or flu. 

This is also true of any visitors to your home if you’re having friends or family guests who are ill and using the doors.

Having an automatic door opener means any ill person can avoid touching door handles altogether, reducing the risk of passing on those germs to anyone else. 

Avoid the Spread of Other Germs

This doesn’t just apply to illness or infection, either. In general, there are a lot of germs that can accumulate on the hands throughout e day, and these can easily build up on door handles. Overall, avoiding touching any door handle altogether by using automatic door technology means that spreading germs through hand contact will be completely avoided (especially if you have a remote locking system that doesn’t require you to touch the door in any way, even to lock it). 

Control Pet Mess

If you have a pet that is moving in and out of the house, whether into the garden or out from a walk, there’s always the potential for mud and other germs to be brought back in by your pet. When you’re dealing with an unexpected pet mess, you may then be trying to clean your dog in the doorway and then proceeding to make contact with a door handle or door to finish cleaning up, so it’s very easy to touch your door handle with dirty hands.

Using an auto pet door or even just an automatic door will help you to avoid having to open any doors if you have your hands full with a dirty pet. This helps to avoid the spread of mess and germs. An auto pet door also means your dirty pet has a designated place to move through, rather than opening up the main door so that you can more easily keep one area clean. 

Therefore, overall, through the simple act of not needing to touch a door handle to open it, an automatic door can be extremely hygienic.