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Hands Free Sanitary Door Openers

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March 22, 2021 10:13:53 AM PDT March 22, 2021 10:13:53 AM PDTnd, March 22, 2021 10:13:53 AM PDT

Hand free sanitary door openers are the perfect solution to avoid germs and viruses in common places where hygiene is essential. These solutions give people the option to open a door without using the handle and offer a hygiene door opener for laboratories, restrooms, and restaurants, plus many other areas that require a hands-free entrance and exit point. 

Door handles are common places to find germs and bacteria as many different people use them. In a place where higher hygiene levels are required, having a solution that doesn’t involve using a door handle can prevent cross-contamination. There are many options to choose from to suit the type of door and usage to give easy accessibility and improved hygiene standards. 

Check out some of the top hand’s free door opener choices and discover how they can be incorporated into the home or office. 

Foot-Operated Door Opener 

Opening a door with your foot is a simple solution for many people. However, it may not be suitable for those with disabilities. A foot opening door handle is attached to the bottom of the door and is designed so that the tip of your foot fits into the handle, and this is pulled towards the body. There are many designs available, and they are easily installed on any type of swing door. They also come in a variety of colors and styles, including a silver finish. 

Arm Operated Door Handle

Similar to the design of a foot-operated door handle, an arm-operated option enables a person to use their arm or elbow to open the door instead. This handle is installed near the typical door handle and is open towards the top so you can place your arm or elbow in it to pull it towards you. 

Automatic Sliding Door 

To ensure a room is accessible to everyone, installing an automatic sliding door is a great option. Motion sensors control these types of doors and open when someone is close by. Automatic sliding doors can be fitted to different door widths and have a smooth and quiet mechanism for wall-mounted and pocket door installations. Automatic doors are suitable for residential homes and commercial properties to make them accessible and hygienic. 

Benefits of Installing a Hands Free Door Opener

You might be surprised to hear around 25% of men do not wash their hands when they use a public restroom. So to avoid issues with hygiene in public places, a pull open hands-free door handle is a great idea. This means when individuals have clean hands and want to exit an area and maintain the same level of hygiene, they can do so without worrying about the people that don’t wash their hands.  

Providing a hygienic space is the top benefit of using this style of handle. Plus, automatic sliding door options also provide accessible entrances for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility. 

Hands free door openers are suitable for a range of residential and business properties for a clean and safe space.