Different Types of Door Locks

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April 23, 2021 11:49:31 AM PDT April 23, 2021 11:49:31 AM PDTrd, April 23, 2021 11:49:31 AM PDT

The doors in your home serve as the first defense to potential intruders. These doors should be reinforced by locks that are selected to enable your family’s and properties security. There are many choices available. Most people keep it simple with a dead bolt on a standard swing door, or a multipoint lock on a sliding door.


However, there are many options to up your home security game. Some you can even integrate your door locks with a home Automation system like Alexa, Google Home, Z-Wave or a security system.

Keyless Door Entry 

A keyless door lock requires a pin number in order to unlock the door and enter the house. The locks are available at your local DIY place, are moderately priced and easily replace your current door lock. What is great about these locks is that they are simple to install on your door panel, plus easy to program and use. Since most of them are backlit there is no more fumbling around in the dark looking for the correct key. This kind of lock is also ideal for weekly rentals. Changing the pin number is quick so you can use it for AirBNB or VRBO rentals without worrying that the previous renter will have access.

No More Losing Your Keys

Another advantage is that multiple users can have access to the door lock without the need to give everyone a key. This saves you time and cost of making multiple keys and the worry of keeping track and getting back all the keys after a rental. It also reduces the chance of intruders gaining unauthorized access with an errant key.

Locks with Added Security

Some keypad door locks in the market these days also incorporate biometric lock features for added security. These door locks can be purchased for under $100 in some instances and offer easy drop in installation on existing doors. The lock operates by either fingerprint or Bluetooth and sometimes has an app for use with your phone. One advantage of having the APP is that you can remotely open or close the door when not at home. This kind of lock can also be set to a “passive” mode which allows the door to be opened without fingerprint recognition or the need for a keypad pin.

Wi-fi Locks

There are many Wi-Fi enabled Smart Locks too. These are truly smart locks. They can be voice activated and offer remote access from anywhere with integration to a smartphone and a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. They attached to the existing deadbolt on the inside of your door. This allows you to continue using the key on the outside if you choose. The locks can be set to unlock when you are in the proximity of the sensor and can be set to auto-lock when the door closes.

Door Locking System

Another option for your locking door is an integrated opener and door locking system. These are available in commercial versions and home versions. Some have a Pet mode to double duty as a human door opener and a pet door opener. You can automate and lock your patio door for under $1000. Some even come with an open switch. The Autoslide automatic door opener is a good example.

These lock control systems are relatively easy to install, but does require the ability to measure, cut and screw. Marketed as a DIY product, the Autoslide system has been available for over 10 years in the United States and has undergone several design improvements. The door has several accessories that also make ideal for people with accessibility issues. For additional safety, the door remains locked as long as it’s set in secure mode. To make it easy for people with disabilities there are key fob remotes that can activate the door opener to let friends and family enter. For convenience there is an Autoslide bundle that combines both of these products.

Whether you choose to go for an automatic lock, a keypad, or wi-fi lock, you’ll rest easy knowing your home and family is safe.