Can Home Automation Help Keep Your Children Safe?

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April 7, 2021 4:43:00 PM PDT April 7, 2021 4:43:00 PM PDTth, April 7, 2021 4:43:00 PM PDT

There are a lot of measures to consider when it comes to home security: locks, windows, video technology, alarm systems, and more. However, these basic levels of security need to be reconsidered when dealing with children in the home. When you have young children exploring your home space, there are many more levels of security you need to consider to keep up with them (and keep them safe). 

Home automation is a great addition to a home, but can it also help to keep your children safe? Here we’ll explore four ways home automation can help protect your little ones. 

1) Automatic Closing of Doors 

If you’re spending time at home with a young child who likes to wander, it can be difficult when you have your hands full to close doors behind you. If you’re carrying laundry loads, fulfilling chores, or simply moving around the home, it’s very easy for a child to slip by you if you need a moment to close a door. This is especially tricky for doors to the outside if you don’t want your children wandering. 

By installing an automatic door closer, you can make sure doors are closed behind you without needing a hand free to do so. This means your child can be stopped from following you through a door if they need to stay inside for their own safety. An automatic door closer can therefore be an extremely beneficial home tool. 

2) Automatic Lights

Automatic lights can help you not only see where your child is wandering but spot your child more easily. Motion sensor lights mean you’ll be alerted if a light comes on and your child may be walking about, so you can then go and check on them. 

If they are allowed to roam under your supervision, automatic lights also mean they’ll be well illuminated when they do venture into a certain area, so they can see where they are going and prevent any trips or falls. 

3) Ensuring Children Don’t Follow Pets

Children and pets can love playing with each other, but if you’re concerned about your child trying to follow your pet when it leaves through the door, an automatic dog door or pet door is great for allowing only your pet through and making it so that your child can’t follow. With an automatic dog door, a remote sensor will make sure the door opens for your pet but not for your child. 

4) Automatic Door Locking 

Especially with very young children, a parent’s mind can be busy and highly focused on what their child is doing. Following your child, playing with your child, and keeping an eye on your child means that locking doors after you may not be at the forefront of your mind and easily missed. 

Automatic door locking systems mean you never have to worry about forgetting to lock a door in your home, meaning more security for your child and your property. 

If you would like to speak to the team at EVO to discuss automated systems to help keep your family safe, we’re available to help.