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Best Office Cubicle Sliding Doors

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December 25, 2020 11:56:00 PM PST December 25, 2020 11:56:00 PM PSTth, December 25, 2020 11:56:00 PM PST

If you want to upgrade your office doors and are considering office cubicle sliding doors, then you have come to the right place. 

Offering increased privacy, flexibility and an effective way to reduce foot traffic in and around traditional office cubicles, office cubicle sliding doors are the way forward for your company’s working environment.

Not sure where to start when choosing office cubicle sliding doors?

Keeping reading to discover everything you need to know about these innovative office doors. From choosing the right size to staying within your budget, to which smart features you want your office cubicle sliding doors to have, by the time you have finished the below blog, you will be ready to purchase the perfect office cubicle doors for your business.

How Much Do You Want to Spend on Office Doors?

As briefly mentioned above, office cubicle sliding doors have so many benefits including noise reduction, enhanced privacy and the ability to allow your employees to be more focused and productive. That being said, many business owners are worried about the initial cost of these types of office doors.

However, you should know that you can find office cubicle sliding doors to suit all budgets. For example, fabric-covered panels are the least expensive partition option, lowering your overall outlay considerably. Glass, on the other hand, is more costly, especially if you would prefer to use frosted glass over transparent for even more privacy.

That being said, if your employees work with sensitive information or data, the additional privacy of frosted glass may be worth the investment.

How Do You Want Your Office Doors to Open?

This is a crucial element if you want to ensure you choose the best office cubicle sliding doors for your business. If your office is a busy and fast-paced one, you will want automatic sliding doors, as these are far more convenient than non-automated doors.

You can purchase automated sliding door systems with wall-mounted push buttons for increased convenience, motion sensors, hand-wave sensors and many more options that can be tailored to suit the needs of your business and its employees.

How Big Do You Want Each Workstation To Be?

As with the installation of any new office doors, you need to decide how much workspace you or your employees need. The beauty of office cubicle sliding doors is that they offer the feeling of having a private office without the need for four brick walls. Creating a 100% enclosed environment, you may find that each worker actually needs less space than they did before they had cubicle sliding doors installed.

This means that not only can you enjoy increased productivity and performance due to the privacy of these modern office doors but you also need less floor space per workstation, allowing you to utilize this free space for other uses.

How Do You Want Your Office Doors to Look?

If customers and clients regularly visit your office, you will want to ensure that it is as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Fortunately, when it comes to office cubicle sliding doors, there are many different styles, frames and decorative glazing options for you to choose from, meaning you will the perfect design to complement your brand.