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Are Sliding Doors Better Than French Doors?

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December 25, 2020 5:40:00 AM PST December 25, 2020 5:40:00 AM PSTth, December 25, 2020 5:40:00 AM PST

Your garden or patio doors are some of the most important doors in your house. They will be responsible for the lighting and feel of the preceding rooms, but they are also key to the security of your whole property. Your personal preference will influence your choice, but many people find themselves torn between sliding doors and French doors, two of the most popular styles.

Are They Easier to Operate?

French doors operate like a normal door to the outside – there are two doors that connect in the middle and either swing in or out. This is the typical door mechanism, and nobody will find these particularly difficult to use, but depending on your outside environment, you might face some problems with hinges. If your outside is humid or wet, your hinges can become stiff, needing regular lubrication. French doors might not be suitable for those in windy areas, as they can be caught by strong gusts of wind that can blow them open or closed, damaging the glass.

Sliding doors are on tracks and open by being slid to the side. They’re typically very light due to their all-glass composition. If fitted properly, even weak arms can open them, which means they need a closing latch above the height of a child. The tracks might be more liable to dirt, however, which means they need regular cleaning. Sliding doors can also be turned into automatic sliding doors, which can make operation even easier and more convenient.

Which Door is Safer?

Security is one of the most important factors when picking a door. French doors are locked into the frame, which is in turn connected to the floor, meaning it’s difficult to break into them. There are many locking mechanisms available, but keys need to be kept away from the door. If the key is left in the door, an intruder can break the glass pane and unlock the door from the inside.

Sliding glass doors can be locked from the inside securely and can be very difficult to pry open, especially if they’re automatic sliding doors. The only problem, however, is that sliding doors can be all glass. That means they need to be shatterproof to be truly secure, something that can be achieved by triple glazing.

Which Houses Do They Suit?

French doors were originally created in France in the 1600s to let more light into rooms that open up onto a balcony. They make a room feel spacious and light, but as their design has roots in the 1600s, they’re more suitable to traditional or rustic home designs.

Sliding doors are better suited to modern and contemporary homes, as they allow a lot of light in and give the impression that the home simply continues out into the garden. All-glass sliding doors are perfect for those who love natural light, as well as those who have a great garden that they just can’t stop looking at. Automatic sliding doors are also very appropriate for houses belonging to older folk, as they can be operated regardless of arthritis.