6 Ways that Automatic Doors Can Boost Your Business

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April 7, 2021 2:55:19 PM PDT April 7, 2021 2:55:19 PM PDTth, April 7, 2021 2:55:19 PM PDT

Are you looking for a unique and cost-effective way to boost your business in 2021 and beyond? 

If yes, then look no further. Commercial sliding doors are exactly what you need. 

The perfect introduction to the world of automation, it would not be an overreaction to say that automatic doors have the potential to revolutionize your business. 

How exactly? 

Keep reading to find out more. 

1) Enhanced Safety For Your Customers

Whether you own a retail business that welcomes hundreds, if not thousands, of customers a day or you have regular visitors to another type of commercial building, automatic doors can offer a higher level of security than standard manual doors. 

Opening and closing via door sensors, commercial automatic doors also provide easy access for wheelchair users and are ideal for receiving deliveries without causing congestion which can lead to an increased risk of theft. 

2) More Convenience For Your Customers

Sliding doors for business provide much more convenience when it comes to entering and exiting your building. There is no need to manually push open a door as commercial sliding doors will automatically open when someone approaches. 

Furthermore, they can enhance the aesthetics of your premise, providing a welcoming and professional exterior. 

3) Reduced Costs for You as a Business Owner 

As a business owner, you are probably constantly on the lookout for ways that you can cut costs and improve your bottom line. In terms of your energy bills, you may find that customers tend to leave your manually controlled doors wide open, allowing all the heat to escape. 

Fortunately, this is not a problem with commercial sliding doors as these will automatically close once someone left your premises. The same also applies in the warmer months when you don't want to waste the air conditioning unit's cool air. 

4) Better for the Environment 

With consumers increasingly attracted to brands that demonstrate eco-credentials, you should know that automatic doors are much more environmentally friendly than standard commercial doors. 

Only opening when required and closing immediately after automatic doors reduce the amount of energy lost and, therefore, better for the environment. Furthermore, by choosing commercial doors that are made of glass, you can allow sunlight to pour into your building, providing natural warmth. 

5) Customizable for Brand Identity 

Brand identity is crucial for all businesses, whether you are an SME or a larger corporation, and the overall look of your building is a key component of this. Thankfully, you can find automatic doors for your business that can be customized in different colors, meaning you can seamlessly incorporate these new doors into your existing design. 

You will also notice when browsing commercial sliding doors that they offer a much sleeker and stylish overall design than manual commercial doors, providing more prestige and professionalism for your business. 

6) Higher Levels of Hygiene 

At a time when hygiene has never been more important, automatic doors offer a much safer and cleaner way of entering and exiting a building than standard doors. Firstly, you don't need to touch a handle or push the glass, resulting in a reduced risk of spreading any germs or viruses. Secondly, for businesses such as food factories and hospitals, you can find commercial doors installed with airtight functionality to ensure no dust or dirt can enter the building.