6 Tech Products For Father's Day

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June 9, 2021 2:00:29 PM PDT June 9, 2021 2:00:29 PM PDTth, June 9, 2021 2:00:29 PM PDT

This Father’s Day, get him electronic gadgets that he can use everyday. There are plenty of home and wearable pieces of technology that he will love, and are easy to use. See our top 6 ideas for new technology if you are searching for cool gadgets for men.


Smartwatches have gained a lot of traction in the past few years. What was originally found in action and spy movies, are now a part of everyday life. Smartwatches don’t just tell you the time - they can show you texts, calls, weather updates, heart rate, and more. They do this through an app on your phone. This way, you can easily view the information. This will help him everyday, and is easy to charge overnight. 

Automated Lights

Automated Lights are not as new as some of the other items on this list, but still important. They can turn on the lighting when you walk in the room, or at a certain time of day. For example, they can turn off when it is starting to get dark outside, and turn off again later in the night. This helps the household twofold. One, for when you arrive home, there is a light already on. And for days when you are not home, it will look like you are, to disway intruders, but will not be left on for days at a time. 

Light timers can be purchased for only less than $10 at places such as Home Depot or Target. It can be a great addition to your home, and a great Father’s Day Gift.

Automated Sliding Door

If your Dad loves grilling, the family pets, or just being outside, you may want to consider getting him an automated sliding door kit. These can fit onto your existing sliding door, and will open the door as you approach. Kits also can come with, or be purchased with, extra sensors, push buttons, and tags, for more than one way to open the door. Extra Sensors are great for extra sunny days, while push buttons help people who want to operate the door from further away. The tags make the automatic door work for your pets, and will only open for your pets, and no other animals. 

Home AI Speaker 

Everyone has heard commercials that go “Alexa, tell me ___”, or some variant. This is a Home AI Voice Speaker and they are a great addition to your household. They are made by brands such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google. These cool gadgets can play your music, tell you facts, and some even come with screens so you can see the information as well as hear it. Your father will appreciate this gift, and enjoy finding new facts from the AI. 

Video Doorbell

Video doorbells are a newer invention that are sweeping the nation. The doorbell attaches to the door or your wall, and has a feed you can see in real time. It alerts you when someone is at the door, such as a friend, neighbor, or delivery person. With this device, you can even respond back to them, such as tell a delivery driver where to leave a package. It's convenient and useful, perfect for a Father’s Day gift.

If you never know what to get your Dad for Father’s Day, or any holidays you celebrate, I hope this gave you a few ideas for this year.