6 Resources to Help Seniors with Home Repairs

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Home repairs can be expensive, and this can be even more problematic for senior citizens who are reliant on only their pension and any savings to get by. Fortunately, if you are an elderly person who is struggling with the cost of home repairs or home improvements, or you have a senior relative who needs help with housing repair, there are services and resources that can help you. 

From a long-term home repair program, to an emergency loan program, to the home energy assistance program, keep reading to discover six resources that offer repair assistance for seniors in your area. 

1) Area Agency on Aging 

A great resource for family members who are caring for elderly relatives, the Area Agency on Aging offers information, guidance, and local aging care services for seniors all over the United States. 

They will also be able to advise you about home repairs and modifications funds that are provided by the Older Americans Act, as well as other local government programs that may offer repair assistance for seniors.  

2) Home Energy Assistance Programs

If your elderly relative needs help paying for heating and cooling energy costs, energy crisis assistance, weatherization, or energy-related home repairs, there are two main programs that can help them.

Firstly, the weatherization assistance program, which provides financial assistance to make homes energy efficient. Secondly, there is the low-income home energy assistance program that helps low-income homeowners and households to pay for energy-related home repairs. 

3) Rebuilding Together 

Set up to help people with home repairs and modifications relating specifically to health and safety, Rebuilding Together can help your loved one make their home a safer place as they grow older. 

From the installation of an automatic sliding door to the addition of handrails, this non-profit organization will talk you through ways to ensure your aging relative can keep their independence, as well as the funding options available to them. 

4) Medicare & Medicaid

Although these companies do not offer free home repairs per se, they will cover the cost of durable medical equipment that has been prescribed by your relative’s doctor. This can include necessary items such as bath transfer benches, toilet safety frames, and wheelchairs, which can all assist you with your medical health problems. 

5) Repair Loans 

Although these may not be your first choice when it comes to helping seniors with home repairs, you can find a loan program, or repair loans, that offer low-interest rates for seniors. These can be a good idea for emergency repairs that need to be carried out immediately and cannot wait for funding to come through. 

6) U.S Department of Agriculture 

This government department offers the Section 504 Home Repair program that is designed for people on low incomes who need home repairs. To qualify for this program, you need to be the homeowner and occupy the house, be unable to afford credit elsewhere and, for grants rather than a loan, be age 62 or older and unable to repay a repair loan.