5 Ways To Redesign Your Patio

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June 2, 2021 3:06:50 PM PDT June 2, 2021 3:06:50 PM PDTnd, June 2, 2021 3:06:50 PM PDT

Now that summer is here, you may be thinking of redoing your patio before the next pool party, barbecue, or for a simple quiet night at home. If you’re wondering where to begin, you have come to the right place. Below are five ways to update and redesign your deck, patio, or porch.

Include a Water Feature

Water features are often seen in wealthy families' yards in movies. However, you can get one in your very own backyard. A simple one could be a bird bath, which you can just fill with water from the hose every few days. Or you could opt for a fancy outdoor water feature, which retail for a few hundred dollars, but will look beautiful in your landscape. Or you could go for something in the middle, a less expensive outdoor water element, one that costs less than $100 but still looks great. 

Purchase New Pavers

Maybe your deck is starting to look a little shabby. There are weeds growing through the pavers, the pavers are stained, have things growing on it, or you simply feel like trying something new. Pavers are a great direction to go in in this case. You can change the color, size, location, texture, or even the patio shape and design. Your family and friends will notice - and maybe even inspire them to renovate their patios themselves. 

New Outdoor Furniture

If you’re looking for wood deck ideas and home décor, new outdoor furniture can really make it feel a bit new. You can change the color scheme, theme, or just rehash old furnishings. New patio furniture can start at around $100, but to get an entire set, it is bound to cost a few hundred dollars. But your backyard and house guests will thank you.

Art and Pots

Home décor doesn’t have to just be inside. Purchase art and potted plants for beautiful decorations around your terrace. If you purchase vegetable plants, you can even enjoy some sweet snacks at the end, such as tomatoes or sweet peppers. Further, you can grow spices and herbs, such as mint or basil. On the other side is outdoor art. This can include pillars, statues, vases, or gazing balls. You can get these at more home décor or home improvement stores, such as Home Depot, Lowes, or Target.

Patio Doors

Last feature on the list is patio doors. Patio Doors can always be refreshed, whether by simply cleaning them, getting a new doormat, new doors, and more. However, you can also make your sliding doors automatic with an automated sliding door system. These systems can give you, your pets, and guests the ability to easily move around your home. This includes when you’re carrying heavy dishes, frequently coming in and out, or want to be able to leave the door open but not let bugs in. This will be a hit at your next party, and be useful for a quiet night at home too.

Your patio should be a fun place where you can relax and even show off. Use these exciting tips to update your patio and backyard, regardless of your budget.