5 Ways to Keep Your Home Warmer

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April 7, 2021 2:42:13 PM PDT April 7, 2021 2:42:13 PM PDTth, April 7, 2021 2:42:13 PM PDT

Whether you have a naturally colder home, you feel the chill more than others, or you simply want to lower your energy consumption, it's always helpful to learn a few tricks and techniques to keep your home warmer. 

From investing in automatic doors to assessing your boiler to keeping your curtains open, keep reading to discover five simple ways that you can keep your home warmer this year and beyond. 

1) Assess Your Boiler

Arguably one of the most crucial elements to consider when trying to maximize the amount of heat in your home, if your boiler is run down or not working as well as it should, you will find your energy bills are significantly higher than they should be. 

Always employ a qualified engineer to check over your boiler once a year for you and also make sure that there is no air in the system by bleeding all your radiators. 

2) Automate Your Doors

There are different types of automatic doors for home that you can choose from, including a sliding door opener that will automatically open and close when you approach it using motion sensors. Ideal for moving between rooms within your home and for entering and exiting your property, these automatic doors can help keep specific rooms warmer and improve your home's overall energy efficiency. 

Furthermore, you can add a contactless door lock to these smart doors for enhanced security of your home and increased peace of mind. 

3) Move Your Sofa 

A lot of homes place their furniture, be it a sofa or a set of armchairs, in front of the radiator. The reasoning behind this is that putting them close to a heat source will keep you warm when sat on the furniture. The issue here is that your sofa is actually absorbing or blocking the heat, stopping it from circulating around the whole room. Move your sofa away from the radiator and this will allow the heat to travel better around the room, making it feel a lot warmer. 

4) Keep Your Curtains Open

Take advantage of the heat provided by the sun and leave your curtains or blinds open all day to let the sun's rays naturally heat your home. Then when it gets dark, close them to keep the heat in and enjoy a warmer room throughout the evening and into the night. 

Alternatively, if you love a smart device or two, why not invest in automated blinds that will automatically open and close to maximize the heat within a room?

5) Reverse Ceiling Fans 

A great hack but one that not many homeowners know about, the simple act of reversing your ceiling fan so that it is moving clockwise will help move warm air downwards and make a room feel warmer. 

With the ability to greatly reduce your home's overall energy usage, you may not believe it, but this tip can lower your energy bills by as much as 15% if you have a ceiling fan in each room.