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Technical Specifications

Autoslide mounting options for your sliding door.

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Click here to access videos to learn how to install your Autoslide system today.

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Installation Videos

How to Install Your Autoslide

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Technical Specifications - Mounting Options

The recommended installation is an inside, top mount installation above the sliding door.

By default, if installing at the top of door, the Autoslide will be fitted over the fixed panel of a right-handed door and over the clear opening for a left-handed door (refer to diagram below). However, the Autoslide drive system can be easily re-handed to suit your preference and every kit includes step by step re-handling instructions in the manual and DVD.

For internal cavity doors or pocket doors, Autoslide can be fitted to a slide Right to Open pocket door without the need for re-handling.



The recommended installation is an inside, top mount installation above the sliding door. The Autoslide automatic patio door system can also be installed at the bottom of the door if the top mount is not suitable (e.g. curtain rods or blinds are too close to the door). By default, the Autoslide can be fitted at the bottom of a left-handed door. No re-handling of the unit is required. For a right-handed door, the Autoslide system will need to be re-handed for a proper installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The only difference between the Standard and the Elite system is the motor. The standard Autoslide motor will not work on a door with a drag force over 12 lbs. However, you can upgrade to the Autoslide Elite motor to increase the max drag force of your Autoslide for up to 35 lbs.

Yes, The Autoslide iLock systems have an electric dynamic locking motor. While the Autoslide unit is in Secure Mode or Pet Mode, it will remain locked when the door is closed. When the door is activated using one of the Autoslide activation devices, the Autoslide will disengage the lock inside the motor and the door will open. Once the door closes back, it will reengage the lock, providing a now secure sliding door.

You can manually open the door when the system is in Unsecure Mode. It isn’t a true manual open though. It is a power-assist. When you pull on the door to open, the system will then take over and complete the opening for you. The only way to get a true manual operation is to cut power to the system.

Autoslide's safety reverse feature is designed to automatically reverse direction if the door comes in to contact with someone, or any object, in it's path.

Yes, Autoslide is designed to be an easy Do-It-Yourself product. Every home automation kit comes with a step-by-step instruction booklet and an instructional DVD. Here is a helpful video showing the installation process: Click Here

Autoslide measures 19.29 inches long, 2.76 inches high, and 2.56 inches wide.

Our Standard units include a roughly 4’ (3’10”) power cable, and our Elite systems include a power cable about 9’ in length (with a transformer in the middle). 6’ 6’’ extension cords are available for individual purchase here.

Yes, as long as there is enough space for the tracks between the sliding panel and the wall. The user can mount the drive unit to the underside of the door and mount the tracks to the back of the sliding panel.

Yes, The Autoslide can usually be mounted on a pocket door frame. We offer (as alternatives to our standard tracks) slim pocket door tracks, which can be used to slide into tighter spaces. To get these slim tracks with your unit, please email or call us (and wait for a reply) before you place your order, so we know to include them.

Our systems currently don’t have a direct integration with those home automation platforms. You can, however, use a third-party momentary relay that is compatible with the platform of your choosing to connect our systems for use through the platform using our Key Switch Cable. We do have a Wifi based app you can use with our systems. As to direct integration, we should have direct integrations with Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, IFTT in the near future.