Autoslide Pet Doors

Allows your pets to enter and exit your home on their own.

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Stylish and Functional Pet Door

Our automatic pet door for sliding glass doors allows your pet to enter and exit your home independently. Our Autoslide smart pet door systems open both single and multi-panel sliding glass doors with a wide variety of activation options to give you and your pets more freedom.

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Freedom For Your Pet

The Autoslide system was designed with pet owners in mind. Our automatic patio door openers have a built-in Pet Mode that will allow your pet to automatically enter and exit your home independently.

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Customize Your Door Opening with Pet Mode

The Autoslide Pet Mode can be programmed to open your door just wide enough for your pet to fit through the it and it can only be triggered to open with an Autoslide pet sensor. And don’t worry, the provided wall buttons will still open your patio doors up to the full width for people while the Autoslide is in Pet Mode.

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Added Security for Your Home and Pet

For added security, you can upgrade your Autoslide Pet Door system by adding the iLock feature. The iLock Motor will automatically lock and unlock your sliding patio door when it closes and opens. Pairing the iLock Motor with the K9 Smart Tag Kit, and its secure RFID technology, provides the most secure pet door available for purchase.

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Twin Pack IR Motion Sensors2 Key FOB Style 4-Button RemotesK9 Smart Tag Set2 Pressure Mats
Pet Door IR Motion Sensor KitThe standard starter kit with wired or wireless InfraRed Sensors to detect your pet.Buy Now
Ultimate Pet Sensor KitThe ultimate standard kit with both wired or wireless InfraRed Sensors to detect your pet and 4 button key fob remote for you to open and closeBuy Now
Pet Tag SystemThe standard pet tag system with K9 smart tag set allows for easy access for your petBuy Now
iLock Pet Tag SystemThe standard Secure opener with K9 smart tags set. Locks while your pet is outside and unlocks to let them inBuy Now
Doormat KitThe standard opener with pressure mats that trigger the door to open when your pet steps on them Buy Now

Loved by customers

"Not much to say other the Autoslide with K9 tags are amazing. One of the best products I've ever purchased. If you're on the fence about it, save yourself and just get it. You won't be disappointed."

Joe P.

"My pets love this and my golden retriever learned to step on mat in 1 day. Customer service is fantastic and accessible to help with set up."

Leah O.

"Autoslide has never disappointed! This door opener for my dogs has been the BEST purchase I've ever made."

Teresa C.

"This is a great pet door option! My dog loves it! The unit works great! It was relatively easy to install. I love the added security of the iLock feature. Customer Service is top-notch."

Michael M.

"I cannot indicate how much the AutoSlide Pet Tag patio door opener has impacted my dog..It has made it possible for her to go out to her "playpen" any time she wants, and allowed me to not be at her beck and call 24/7! It's a win-win situation."


"The unit was fairly easily installed, programmed and works as described. The support staff were more than accommodating whenever I had a question. I HIGHLY recommend this product."


"This has been a game changer for our dog to have more freedom which in turn provides us with freedom! This is an awesome door opener and I would highly recommend it."

Jennifer W.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Autoslide is designed to be an easy Do-It-Yourself product. Every home automation kit comes with a step-by-step instruction booklet.

Yes, Autoslide is powered by a low voltage, 24V DC power adapter /transformer with a 59 inch long cord, suitable for use in any country with 110-240V AC power outlet. Additional 6 foot extension cords are sold separately, if required to connect to the nearest power outlet.

If there is a main power failure the sliding door reverts back to a manual sliding door. The door can still open and close manually with ease.

Yes. The Autoslide can now be purchased with an electric dynamic locking motor. While the Autoslide unit is in Normal Mode or Pet Mode, it will remain locked when the door is closed. When the door is activated using one of the Autoslide activation devices, the Autoslide will disengage the lock inside the motor and the door will open. Once the door closes back, it will reengage the lock, providing a now secure sliding door.

Up to 4 tags can be used with one Smart tag receiver. If you need more than 4 tags an additional Smart tag receiver and tags will need to be purchase.

The K9 smart tags are designed to be water resistant and durable. They are not intended to be submerged.

The pet mat is designed to be very sensitive but depending on what kind of standard door mat you place above it the sensitivity can be reduced. The mat is not intended to be used without something over it. The pet mat really is at it’s best for dogs over 10lbs.

The IR sensor is good for general purpose use. Infrared Sensors are sensitive to direct sunlight and intense heat. It is not recommended to install these types of sensors outdoors if the installation placement will receive direct sunlight. They may also not work on very dark or black dogs.

The four-button key fob remote can be used as a pet door activator while the Autoslide is in Pet Mode. It also opens the door in Secure Mode when all outside sensors are disabled.

The Autoslide comes with an auto retract feature the reverses the direction of the door when it senses an obstruction. Additionally, when your pet is wearing a K9 smart and it’s within range of the Smart tag receiver the door will stay open. Typically, this means if you pet is standing in or very near the doorway it will stay open.