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Autoslide Accessible Doors

Automatic door openers for disabled access and homeowners with reduced mobility.

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Accessible Sliding Doors

Autoslide’s automatic sliding door systems are the best solution for automating patio doors, pocket doors and barn style doors to increase accessibility.

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Improve Access for the Elderly and Disabled

The Autoslide automatic sliding door system creates easy access between your home and the outside world as well as room to room connections inside your home that use sliding doors.

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Convert Your Patio Door

Autoslide’s most popular automation option for creating an accessible sliding door is the Mobility Kit. This kit includes the Autoslide system and provides everything you need to convert your manual sliding door into an automatic sliding door. In addition, you get two wall mounted push buttons and two remote-control key fobs. These key fobs allow for easy activation of your new Autoslide enabled sliding door.

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Specialized Sensor System

For some people who find it too hard or not possible to use the remote-control key fob, we offer a specialized sensor system. Our RFID proximity tags allow you to passively activate the Autoslide to open the door once the tag is in range of the transmitter. These tags can be adjusted from three feet to ten feet in range. Simply have the tag on your person and you have a hands-free automatic sliding door.

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Compare Accessible Door Bundle Offerings

Twin Pack IR Sensors2 Key FOB Style 4-Button Remotes2 Handwave SensorsMicrowave Sensor
Home Mobility KitOur most popular accessibility kit includes the standard motor and key fobs for activating the door opener and choosing different modes.Buy Now
Lifestyle KitAnother top seller the lifestyle kit is completely hands free and opens when you get within range of the infrared sensor. Buy Now
Ultimate BundleThis kit combines the best of out two top selling kits.Buy Now
iLock Home Mobility KitLocking version of our top selling accessibility kit. Order this one if you desire the additional security of a locking door opener.Buy Now
iLock Hygienic Door SystemHands free Locking version includes IR sensors and handwave sensors for a no touch door opener.Buy Now
iLock Hands Free Door SystemSimilar to the Hygienic door system, this one substitutes Microwave sensors in place of IR sensors. This one is ideal for hot and sunny applications Buy Now

Loved by customers

"I got the AutoSlide Elite door opener because my wife has a bad shoulder and our patio door is very heavy. Everyone with a patio door should have one of these door openers. It works great."

James W.

"I should have gotten this sooner but I didn't know about it. Working with this company is also great. They are VERY prompt and answer your emails within minutes. RECOMMEND HIGHLY!!"

James W.

"For years I have been pushing open my patio door with my wheelchair. The unit and the sensors (K9) are working great! I recommend the Autoslide to anyone even if you're not disabled. It can be great for pets too and even makes it easier for the completely able-bodied."

Erik O.

"I love them, I injured my knee and could not go up and down the stairs, worked perfectly for the dog to go in and out. I would highly recommend this product, also for parents aging in place."

Lisa W.

"I am extremely pleased with the freedom and independence that the RFID tag has given me. Due to my disability, opening my sliding door has always been difficult. I am so happy for my new found independence. I highly recommend this product, regardless if you have a disability."

Eric O.

"Absolutely in love with this product. Easy to install, great quality, super quiet operation, very simple to program and has amazing accessories available too. I am actually so in love with this product that I am buying two more ;-)"

Nadine K.

Frequently Asked Questions

Up to 4 tags can be used with one Smart tag receiver. If you need more than 4 tags an additional Smart tag receiver and tags will need to be purchase.

The iOpen smart tags are designed to be water resistant and durable. They are not as water resistant as the K9 tags and not intended for wet situations.

The four-button key fob remote can be used as a door door activator while the Autoslide is in all Mode. It also opens the door in Secure Mode when all outside sensors are disabled and can cycle thru the 4 modes without having to access the Autoslide unit.

The Autoslide comes with an auto retract feature the reverses the direction of the door when it senses an obstruction. This could be a person, wheelchair or motorized scooter. Additionally, when you use an RFID proximity sensor (iOPne tag) and it’s within range of the Smart tag receiver the door will stay open. Typically, this means if you are in or very near the doorway it will stay open.

The handwave sensor requires your hand to be within about 6 inches to activate the door opener.

The infrared sensor is available in a wired and wireless version. The Microwave sensor is currently only available in a wired version. The Handwave Sensor is switchable between wired and wireless, no need to decide until installation. The Smart tag receiver is only available in a wired version.