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The Autoslide microwave sensor is perfect for use where entrances are affected by the sun causing interference with standard infrared (IR) sensors. These automatic sliding door sensors have a wider and farther field of activation. The microwave sensor has a directional pivot in order to increase or decrease the area of activation by motion. 

The following automatic door opener door systems comes with this Microwave sensor: Autoslide iLock Handsfree Door System

In addition, you can add this to any Autoslide kit.


About Autoslide

Turn your sliding doors into automatic sliding doors with the Autoslide door opening system. This innovative and easy sliding door opener installation creates a more hygienic, convenient, and stylish entranceway for your home or commercial space. The smooth, quiet, and reliable electric sliding door motor fits a range of door frames, including pocket doors, to bring a flexible and accessible design to a room. 

We have the exclusive US distribution rights for Autoslide™ products. These products are transforming sliding door and window usability with a universal design to retrofit a sliding door with an automated opening and closing feature.

Motion Detector Access 

Autoslide Automatic Sliding Doors are designed with motion-detecting sensors and RFID tags that automatically open and close sliding doors. The discrete push button and wireless operation creates accessibility for people and pets. 

Automatic Sliding Door Opener For Your Home

Pet doors are an excellent option for families looking to give pets freedom to roam throughout the day. A pressure mat sensor activates the innovative and secure automatic glass door opening system, and the auto slide door closer ensures your home is safe and secure once your pet moves away from the entranceway. 

Functional and Durable Auto Sliding Doors

The Autoslide door system is a powerful and durable addition to your home. The smooth tracks provide a seamless and quiet mechanism suitable for wall-mounted doors and pocket door applications. This door opener option is perfect for optimizing space within rooms and is an ideal alternative to bulky, hinged doors. Motorized sliding doors also create an accessible entranceway for those with limited mobility. 

Commercial Sliding Doors 

Sliding doors in commercial spaces add a sleek and professional look to any property. The Autoslide system is perfect for creating commercial automatic sliding doors using the original framework. There is also the option of choosing automatic doors for home to create an elegant foyer or reception space for your business premises. 

Accessible Automatic Sliding Doors 

Accessibility within the home is essential for everyone. Choosing handicapped door openers creates a wireless motion detection opening, ideal for anyone with disabilities or reduced mobility. It’s also a great alternative to swing doors that may not be suitable for wheelchair access. 

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10/1/2020 4:00:00 am

Motion sensors

by Gerard W. -

They work great! I am very pleased. They come with good adjustments. I am impressed! I wish though, they could come with white wires to white motion sensors. So far white sensors are available only with black wires.

12/17/2020 10:55 am

Great product!

by Fabricio

Great product!

5/27/2021 12:47 pm

Good product, but too expensive

by David M. -

The microwave sensors work well. However, the price is many times what one would expect to pay for such a sensor when looking at similar solutions on the web.

Moreover, I purchased these after have countless problems with the infrared sensors not working or not working enough to even be usable. (Or, I was forced into buying these because the infrared were unacceptably poor performers). Weighing these factors, I would give the product a 3.

Customer service and tech support have been gracious, though.

5/27/2021 12:47 pm

this worked great

by Michael G. -

this worked great the sun dosnt bother the door now thank you very much

5/27/2021 12:47 pm

Sensor works as advertised

by James H. -

Sensor works as advertised