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HAVEN Connect is a Bluetooth enabled smart lock that engages with the bottom of your door for strong, reliable security. Using the HAVEN mobile app you can secure your home from wherever you are. Send digital keys to visitors while you are away, monitor access, log entry and exit and more. Do all from the palm of your hand. Total access. Total Security.

HavenLock Connect Bundle is a first-of-its-kind preventative home security platform. Our floor-anchored, electronic locking wedge fortifies the door at its strongest point – the base.


Made with steel, Delrin™, and military grade nylon, the HAVENLock Connect Bundle system is 10x stronger than your door's deadbolt.


With the all new Attack Detection feature, you can receive audible email/push notifications directly to your phone if an intruder tries to get in your home. This gives you valuable time to react and prepare. Watch the video on Attack Detection from HAVEN Clay Banks, Co-founder and COO. It also makes an audbile sound, alerting those inside the home, or the person trying to enter.


Technical Details

  • Composition: Steel, Delrin™, and military grade nylon
  • Connection: Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE)
  • Strength: 10x stronger than your deadbolt, HavenLock Connect Bundle provides an additional layer of protection in an effort to deter a break-in at the door
  • Installation: You can learn how to install our products at install.havenlock.com
  • Security: FIPS compliant encryption ensuring confidential data
  • Main Battery: Rechargeable 3.7V 5000MAH Lipo battery that lasts for over a year
  • Smartphone: Connect to HAVEN via the mobile app (Android & iPhone)
  • Click here for HAVEN mobile app supported devices
  • Key Fob: Connect to HAVENLock Connect Bundle using the included Key Fob
  • WiFi: Connect to HAVEN anywhere using the HAVEN Hub (sold separately)


The Haven Connect Bundle comes with:

  • lock
  • spacer
  • riser
  • key fob
  • charger
  • instructions
  • hardware
  • key fob instructions

Note: *E90 batteries are no longer needed or required

This product works great with our opener for an automatic sliding door. Make your home a smart home today with our smart lock for sliding glass door security and automatic door products.



Use Everyday

HAVEN’s mobile app is perfect for families and versatile. Anytime Keys can be used for consistent used and can be programmed using E-Keys. Additionally, the Haven app also makes it easy to lock or unlock your door from either inside the house or within Bluetooth range.

24-Hour Guest Keys

Give your house guest unrestricted access to your home for increments of 24 hours. You can have your Guest eKeys can be resent to people as needed. After 24-hours, they will be deleted automatically.  

Scheduled Time-Specific Keys

The Scheduled eKey is great for regular guests. This includes services like house cleaning services and dog walkers. Pre-set day and time limits you control.

Activity Notifications & Tracking

The app's history displays all activity. This includes sending and accepting eKeys, plus unlocking and locking of your smart door lock. You can also enable real-time notifications to keep you posted of people coming or going from your residence.

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