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The Autoslide Wireless Hand Wave Sensor allows you to activate your Autoslide automatic door system with a wave of the hand. This touchless option can help increase hygiene by preventing unwashed hands from interacting on a traditional button surface. It also is a great solution to activate the door when your hands are full but are not able to have a motion sensor mounted above the door.
The Wireless Hand Wave Sensor is powered by two 3 volt batteries (CR2032) that will last you up to a year's time, depending on daily usage.

The automatic sliding door sensors can be placed in a secure setting for the outside of your home to prevent usage. The hand waving sensor switches when the door is locked and you don't want access into your home. The IR sensor switches easily between locked and unlocked, with a nice hand waving switch.  

Several Autoslide automatic sliding door systems come with hand wave sensors, listed below:
  • Autoslide iLock Handsfree Door System
  • Autoslide iLock Touchless Door System
  • Autoslide iLock Hygienic Door System
  • Autoslide iLock Contactless Door System

The Autoslide iLock Touchless and Handsfree Door Systems all comes with the Autoslide, and installation kit. Plus, two push buttons, two handwave sensors, and the iLock motor. Some kits include more than this. With these tools, you can wave your hand in front of the sensor to open the door, and lock it remotely using the iLock Motor for your sliding door system.

If you are looking for a wired solution, this same Hand Wave Sensor comes in a wired version that can be found here

Operating Instructions and Manual for the Hand Wave Sensor. 

About Autoslide
Turn your sliding doors into automatic sliding doors with the Autoslide door opening system. This innovative and easy sliding door opener installation creates a more hygienic, convenient, and stylish entranceway for your home or commercial space. The smooth, quiet, and reliable electric sliding door motor fits a range of door frames, including pocket doors, to bring a flexible and accessible design to a room. 

Motion Detector Access 
Autoslide Automatic Sliding Doors are designed with motion-detecting sensors and RFID tags that automatically open and close sliding doors. The discrete push button and wireless operation creates accessibility for people and pets. 

Automatic Door Opener For Your Home
Pet doors are an excellent option for families looking to give pets freedom to roam throughout the day. A pressure mat sensor activates the innovative and secure automatic glass door opening system, and the auto slide door closer ensures your home is safe and secure once your pet moves away from the entranceway. 

Functional and Durable Auto Sliding Doors
The Autoslide door system is a powerful and durable addition to your home. The smooth tracks provide a seamless and quiet mechanism suitable for wall-mounted doors and pocket door applications. This door opener option is perfect for optimizing space within rooms and is an ideal alternative to bulky, hinged doors. Motorized sliding doors also create an accessible entranceway for those with limited mobility. 

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5/27/2021 12:47 pm

Glad I got one

by Lizzy H. -

Great additiion to our system. Highly recommend purchasing this accessory

5/27/2021 12:47 pm

Good find

by Johnie A. -

Wish I got the bundle that came with this but glad I could buy it separately. Love it.

5/27/2021 12:47 pm

Super cool

by Archie F. -

Works very well and is super cool