Four Button Remote Control

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The Autoslide Four Button Remote Control allows you the flexibility to open and shut your sliding glass doors from the comfort of your chair. This automatic door closer with remote will also allow you to switch between the four modes in the Autoslide automatic sliding door system.


Features of the Four Button Remote Control

  • Each button has engraved symbols to denote the different functions for your automated sliding door
  • The Four Button Remote Control allows easy switching between 4 different modes without having to reach out to the control panel on the Autoslide unit
  • Switch between: Automatic (green light), Hold Open (blue light), Manual (red light) and Pet (orange light)
  • Battery operated (Battery included)



Note: Can be used as a pet door activator while Autoslide is in Pet Mode. 

Operating Instructions and Manual

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6/1/2020 4:00:00 am

Costly but worth the price!

by Charlotte B. -

Costly but worth the price for this unique installation! My son used it in his new Clothing Store in Cincinnati area. He used it with the remote control to slide open the front door of a 7-up machine. It's the “Secret Entrance to the Mad Scientists Workshop!! Wish I could add a video! He wired the 7-up door so that if the person wanting to enter knew what button to push - your slide would automatically open!! Genius use of your product!! Check out : in Cincinnati.

5/27/2021 12:47 pm

Remote works as described - great for power wheelchair user

by Susan A. -

We bought this remote controller along with the Powerslide for the sliding door in the kitchen so grandma, who uses a power wheelchair, can go out and in easily. Although the default on the Powerslide is to open and close again after a certain time, it is nice that there is an option to only close again when prompted. Grandma uses the remote to opRead more about review stating Remote works as described - great for power wheelchair useren the door from far away, then carefully navigates the door and outside ramp, and then uses the remote at the bottom of the ramp to close the door. She just has to be careful not to push the top button on the remote which will change a mode, but so far there has been no problem.

5/27/2021 12:47 pm

works great

by Thomas T. -

After a quick set up, the remote works flawlessly

5/27/2021 12:47 pm

5 star

by Jess M. -

I love it, works as advertised fits on my key ring. If you can get yourself one or two of these.