Autoslide Ultimate Bundle

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Easy Walk Through With the Benefit of Being Able to Open the Door From Across the Room

Easily open your door without lifting a finger. The mountable wired IR Sensors trigger the door to open when you walk up to it. Comes with our top selling 4 button key fob remote that can open the door from up to 50 feet away and lets you cycle through all of the modes.

Open the Door from Anywhere in the House

The Four Button Remote Control allows you the flexibility to open and shut your doors from the comfort of your chair. It will also allow you to switch between the four modes in the Autoslide automatic sliding door system. This is the Autoslide ultimate motion activated system.

Opens Just Like Magic

The Autoslide Ultimate Bundle IR Sensor scans the room, and opens when you approach. The automatic door system will only close the door once you are through, which helps if you are carrying something or take a bit longer to get through the door.

Product Details

One AUTOSLIDE drive system
One aluminum cover
One mounting bracket
Two Wall Mounted Wireless Push Buttons
Two hardwired IR sensors
Two 4-button remote controls
One Low voltage plug-in power pack
Two 20" racks with assembly kit
Friction Tester
Installation screws and Allen key
Instruction booklet & Installation DVD


The bundle with the works! This AUTOSLIDE Ultimate Bundle has everything you need for a truly automatic domestic sliding door.


The bundle comes packed with everything you get from our smart door opener and closer Starter Kit! Plus, two 4-button remote controls and two hardwired infrared sensors! Everything in one discounted bundle price for your automatic sliding door!


Please note that the infrared motion sensors must be mounted out of direct sunlight or weather/rain exposure. Sunlight shining into the sensor can be read as heat and falsely trigger it. Dark colored pets may not trigger the sensor properly, we recommend this product for darker colored pets who you would like to use a automatic door opening based on motion.


Instruction booklet & Installation DVD


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7/19/2020 4:00:00 am


by Charlie N. -

I have had an autoslide for about 10 years. Absolutely one of the best things on the market. We'll built and works great. Highly recommend this product.

5/27/2021 12:47 pm

Autoslide Pet Door

by Verlyn S. -

Over all I love this product and would highly recommend it. I had to improvise some of the installation because my door frame did not conform to the requirements but with a little creativity I installed it and it works perfectly. I use it mostly so I can open and close the door while my hands are full carrying food out to the grill. Excellent product! Everyone who has a sliding door should have an Autoslide opener!

5/27/2021 12:47 pm


by Ed p. -

The motor was not securely connected to the frame. The motor seems to struggle at times opening the door. When it works it's great! - which is most of the time. My dogs and wife love it.