Autoslide Elite iLock Ultimate Pet Sensor Kit

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SKU: Autoslide Elite iLock Ultimate Pet Sensor Kit

Opens Your Heavy Doors Just Like Magic

Allows your pet to easily open the door. This system features wireless InfraRed sensors that will open the door when your pet approaches. The handy dandy key fob remote gives the option of switching through operating modes and setting this one to secure locking mode or disabling the IR sensors..

Approach the Door To Open

The Wireless IR Motion Sensor can be installed above the door for people, or you can mount your receiver low on the door jamb for pet use. When an person or pet approaches, the Autoslide door system will immediately be triggered to open the electric sliding door. This piece does require batteries.

Open The Door From Around Your Home

If you want to let somewhere in our out, or are planning on carrying something outside and need the door open prematurely, you can use the 4 button remote control to open the door.

Product Details

One AUTOSLIDE drive system with Elite iLock motor
One aluminum cover
One mounting bracket
Two Wall Mounted Wireless Push Buttons
Two wireless IR motion sensors
Two 4-button remote controls
One Low voltage plug-in power pack
Two 20" racks with assembly kit
Installation screws and Allen key
Instruction booklet & Installation DVD


The automatic pet door opener bundle with the works! This Autoslide Elite iLock Ultimate Pet Sensor Kit has everything you need for a truly automatic sliding pet door. This Autoslide pet door option uses infrared motion sensors to allow your dog or cat to activate your automatic patio pet door to open.


The smart door opener bundle comes packed with everything you get from our Starter Kit plus two 4-button remote controls and two wireless infrared sensors! Included is a splitter that allows you to use your motion sensors for Pet Mode activation. Everything in one discounted bundle price!


Please note that the infrared motion sensors must be mounted out of direct sunlight or weather/rain exposure. Sunlight shining into the sensor can be read as heat and falsely trigger it. Dark colored pets may not trigger the sensor properly, we recommend this product for darker colored pets.


Instruction booklet & Installation DVD


Click Here for more Warranty details four your pet sliding door opener with an iLock feature. 

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5/27/2021 12:47 pm

Best gift ever

by Ora R. -

I got this for my birthday and best birthday present to myself yet. Makes my dogs and my life soooo much easier.

5/27/2021 12:47 pm

Dogs love it

by Perry A. -

Dog love it

5/27/2021 12:47 pm

Great system

by Maryanne M. -

Dogs have alreadygotten used to the sliding door .. Amazing technology!