Autoslide Elite iLock Pet Tag System

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If you are worried about the neighbor’s cats or unwanted animals entering your home via the motion pet sensors, the Autoslide Elite iLock Pet Tag System is what you need. The Smart Tag uses RFID technology to communicate with a receiver to activate your Autoslide enabled sliding door securely.


To provide added security, the Autoslide Elite iLock Pet Tag System electronic pet door system comes with the Elite iLock Motor to automatically lock and unlock your sliding patio doors. Now, you can leave your home and know your dog or cat can securely go outside using the automatic pet door opener.


Included with the upgrade to the Autoslide Elite automatic patio pet door system is our new software with four dynamic modes:


Unsecured Mode (green light) – This mode allows you to use sensors programmed to the Inside or Outside frequency. If you have the iLock System feature equipped, the lock will not be engaged in this mode.

Stay Open/Toggle Mode (blue light) – This mode allows you to either have your sliding door stay open until the mode is switched or to operate the door in a toggle fashion (push button to open/push button to close). Only sensors programmed to the Inside frequency will work in this mode. If you have the iLock feature equipped, the lock will be engaged in this mode.

Secure Mode (red light) – This mode allows you to operate the door normally using sensors programmed to the Inside frequency. If you have the iLock feature equipped, the lock will be engaged in this mode on your Autoslide Elite iLock Pet Tag System.

Pet Mode (orange light) – This mode is designed to be used with Autoslide’s pet sensors on the automatic pet door sliding glass. The door width can be programmed to open to a shorter width when activated by a pet sensor. People can still use the door by using sensor programmed to the Inside frequency and it will open to the normal width. If you have the iLock feature equipped, the lock will be engaged in this mode.

Only one Smart Tag receiver is required per automatic dog door with collar, and the Smart Tag plugs into the back of the Autoslide system using the included cable. The sensor has three ranges: 3 feet, 6 feet, and 10 feet. You will want to mount your receiver in the most optimal place for your automatic sliding door opener. If you are using this for pets, be sure to take into account how your pets behave. With the Smart Tag's RFID technology, you won't have troubles detecting your tags inside or outside of the home.

The Smart Tag system can currently handle up to four (4) RFID tags.

Note: Autoslide does not assume any responsibility or liability for unwanted animals entering the house by following closely behind unknowing pets or running in just before the door closes!


Instruction booklet & Installation DVD


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5/5/2020 4:00:00 am

Awesome Door Opener!

by Jennifer W. -

This has been a game changer for our dog to have more freedom which in turn provides us with freedom! This is an awesome door opener and I would highly recommend it. The only issue I had was the lack of instructions. Thankfully they include a video which is great but it's not clear what instructions apply to the specific model you purchased. There were no clear instructions for the RFID pet door portion of the install. Their customer service via email was timely, helpful & polite which is why the lack of instructions did not impact the overall product rating.

8/16/2020 4:00:00 am

The perfect hi-tech pet door

by Michael M. -

This is a great pet door option! My dog loves it! The unit works great! It was relatively easy to install. I love the added security of the iLock feature. Customer Service is top-notch.

9/18/2020 4:00:00 am


by Justin G. -

We recently discovered the Autoslide from a neighbor and decided on the iLock and from install to performance we have been super impressed!! RFID tags work well, looks clean and we have recommended it to many since.

5/27/2021 12:47 pm

Autoslide is Awesome... once you get it working!

by Jody -

It took a week to get it installed and working (needed a new motherboard)... but now it has been excellent for our dogs independence. I no longer worry about them when I am away from home knowing they can go in or out when needed and the door locks after them. Big stress relief for me!

5/27/2021 12:47 pm

New pet tags system

by Brian L. -

Much cleaner look for the customer, options of the varies zones is great to depends on the clients needs.

5/27/2021 12:47 pm

Best Thing I Have Ever Purchased

by Jim S. -

We recently moved and I was no longer able to let our dogs out during my lunch break. We were going to hire a dog walker which was going to cost us over $400/month. Then we stumbled upon the Autoslide. I read reviews of other similar systems and they had terrible reviews. The Autoslide did not. It is expensive, but we stood to save $400/month by purchasing it. We recently moved and I was no longerurchasing it. We got the iLock with the pet ID tags. It is incredible. It works like a dream. Now the dogs can let themselves out while we are at work, but the sliding door is still locked and secure. An added bonus we didn't think about is, we NEVER have to get up to let the dogs out - even when we are home. This product is totally life changing. We have had it for about 3 months and no issues at all. Love it.