Autoslide Elite Starter Kit

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The Autoslide Elite Starter Kit has the extra power you need to automate your large and heavy sliding door. It provides easy access for anyone carrying an armful of goods or entertainment supplies in and out of your home. The black color of the Autoslide provides a more modern look for those with a more contemporary style in mind, while the white color allows for custom painting to match your door frame.


The Autoslide Elite Starter Kit was designed to automate heavy sliding patio doors such as the impact doors found in Florida. The system consists of a motor device, electronic controller, and a low voltage DC power supply encased in an aluminum slim line housing. Your smart door opener and closer is activated by the specially designed wall mounted wireless push-buttons that are installed on both sides of the opening. A large variety of other activation devices, such as infrared motion sensors, are available at an extra cost for your automatic door opener.

Autoslide Elite Starter Kit
 Instruction booklet & Installation DVD


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7/1/2020 4:00:00 am

Directions should state that gear

by Robert S. -

Directions should state that gear mechanism and rack teeth should fit quite tightly! If not they grind and don't move the door

9/24/2020 4:00:00 am

Great Lifestyle Upgrade!

by Erik O. -

For years I have been pushing open my patio door with my wheelchair. However, I could not close it once outside and when it is over 100 degrees outside in Las Vegas, you definitely don't want the door left open very long. I often had to push against the glass of the door with the tip of my shoe because I could not get close enough to the frame. I feared one day I would break the door. So after overcoming a few challenges specific to our installation, the unit and the sensors (K9) are working great! No more worries of breaking the door or leaving it open when I'm outside. I recommend the Autoslide to anyone even if you're not disabled. It can be great for pets too and even makes it easier for the completely able-bodied.

11/24/2020 11:18 pm

Great product, lots of extra work to install..

by Chip DiComo

I've got a very heavy sliding glass door, while it slides better than the one it replaced, it's heavy and not an easy slide. I was excited to find this product. Less so when I realized I would need the elite motor for my heavy door which doubled the price. The install directions aren't great and I needed a troop to the store to double up on the screws to hold the rack in place - for the price they could have included more screws. But it solves a problem and I'm guessing automated devices for commercial doors would cost a lot more. Only regret is Wayfair had the unit with more accessories for about $200 less two days after I purchased. I am very happy with the product and my ability to Install it. And big thanks and kudos to the EVO Team, they respond fast with help and guidance.

5/27/2021 12:47 pm


by Brian O. -

Phenomenal! We love it.

5/27/2021 12:47 pm


by Kathy S. -

We are so happy with AutoSlide, our dog can go in & out whenever he wants to. We wish we discovered it sooner !
Thank you David for your patience & expertise with helping us with the install

5/27/2021 12:47 pm


by Jesus C. -

it was great it did everything it promise the only thing is that it does not bring to hide the wires it works great costumer service great