Autoslide Elite Pet Tag System

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The Pet Accessory That is Both Functional and Stylish

Your dog probably already has a collar with their name, address, and your phone number. Now, with just one little tag, they can also open and close a sliding door in your home.

Functional and Stylish - perfect for pets and their human companions

The Smart iOpen Tag is a great choice for your dog or cat. It features a large push button in the middle of the collar tag and is also ideal for human use. It uses RFID technology to communicate between your pet's smart tags and the transmitter to activate your automatic patio pet door.

Only Opens For Your Pet

With the K9 Tags, only your pet can activate and open the pet sliding door opener. You can leave the door unlocked and unopened, and your dog can come in and out, without giving other animals the same luxury.

Product Details

One Autoslide drive system
One Autoslide Elite Motor
One aluminum cover
One mounting bracket
Two Wall Mounted Wireless Push Buttons
One Smart Tag System (1 x RFID receiver and 2 x Smart Tags)
One 5 amp power pack
Two 20" racks with assembly kit
Installation screws and Allen key
Instruction booklet & Installation DVD


If you are worried about the neighbor’s cats or unwanted animals entering your home via the motion pet sensors, the Autoslide Elite Pet Tag System is what you need. The Smart Tag uses RFID technology to communicate with a receiver to activate your Autoslide enabled sliding door securely. ​ 

​Only one Smart Tag receiver is required per smart door opener and closer. The receiver plugs into the back of the Autoslide smart system sliding doors using the included cable. The sensor has three ranges: 3 feet, 6 feet, and 10 feet. You will want to mount your receiver in the most optimal place. If you are using this for pets, be sure to take into account how your pets behave. With the Smart Tag's RFID technology, you won't have troubles detecting your tags inside or outside of the home.


The Autoslide Elite Pet Tag System for your pet door with collar sensor can currently handle of up to four (4) RFID tags. 


Note: Autoslide does not assume any responsibility or liability for unwanted animals entering the house by following closely behind unknowing pets or running in just before door closes!​

Instruction booklet & Installation DVD


Click Here for more Warranty details on your Autoslide Elite Pet Tag System.

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5/27/2021 12:47 pm

Oustanding Product and Customer Service

by Karen -

I saw this five years ago or so on I Want That. I wanted one but never pulled the trigger. We have always had pets. Finally fed up with doggy doors and cold air coming thru them in the winter and the hassle I bought the Autoslide Elite. I am so sorry I waited so long! What a great product. We had cleaned our track and even changed the rollers out so our old door so it would would run smooth. But we were still having trouble with it and programming the tags. Frustrated after trying to figure it out ourselves we emailed customer service. Brandon Lee from Autoslide promptly replied. He not only figured out what was going on with our door over the phone, he addressed all our concerns and issues over a few communications. He was always very prompt to reply and addressed every single concern. The Autoslide is simply awesome and is working great even on our old slider! We have three dogs and a cat and they have no problem and we have no worries! We are also saving on our electricity bill and no more ugly doggy door or hassle. Also great for us with hands full when going in and out! We will be installing them on our other slider and garage door as well. Have also gotten many inquiries from impressed guests. Thank you for a great experience and product. You have customers for life!