Autoslide automatic sliding door opener technology creates easier access in and out of your home and between rooms inside. The original Autoslide smart door opener opens a single-panel door and the MultiDrive system automates both single and multi-panel doors. Both offer a wide variety of activation options to enable touchless accessibility. Use for sliding patio doors, pet doors, disabled accessible automatic door opener, barn doors and sliding windows.

Autoslide Sliding Door Systems

Installs easily with your existing sliding door to add convenience and security

AutoSlide Kits & Bundles

Autoslide motors and accessories paired to fit your installation!

AutoSlide Pet Accessibility

Give your pet some freedom! The automatic pet door kit allows pets to enter and exit your home on their own.

Experience Autoslide Automatic Sliding Doors

The revolutionary Autoslide Automatic Sliding Doors systems install easily with any existing slide door systems in your home, making it a one-of-a-kind smart home experience. Whether you're looking to create disabled accessibility, pet independence, or just enjoy the perks, Autoslide will make the indoor to outdoor experience seamless!

Style and Functionality

Automatic sliding doors for your home not only offer a functional and high-performance door opening feature in your property but also create a stylish look. This system is suitable for a range of sliding door configurations, including glass doors and pocket doors. 

Sliding Doors for Pet Accessibility 

Pet doors are an excellent option for families looking to allow pets more freedom throughout the day. The Autoslide pet tag system works by installing a pressure sensor mat, which can be activated in normal mode and pet mode. These door operators also come with wall-mounted wireless push-button sensors for alternative activation. 

The HAVEN Lock Experience

Looking for a secure and innovative way to protect your home? The HAVEN Lock is the perfect solution. This Bluetooth-enabled smart lock engages with the bottom of your door to provide durable and robust security. It's ten times stronger than a deadbolt and is activated by digital keys to ensure safe access and the first of its kind preventive home security system!