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What Our Customers Say

  • Autoslide

    I have had an autoslide for about 10 years. Absolutely one of the best things on the market. We'll built and works great. Highly recommend this product.

    Charlie N.
  • AutoSlide Pet Tag System Works Like a Charm!!!!!

    "I cannot indicate how much the AutoSlide Pet Tag patio door opener has impacted my dog.. It has made it possible for her to go out to her ""playpen"" any time she wants, and allowed me to not be at her beck and call 24/7! It's a win-win situation. The unit was fairly easily installed, programmed and works as described. The support staff were more than accommodating whenever I had a question.
    I HIGHLY recommend this product."

  • Awesome Door Opener!

    This has been a game changer for our dog to have more freedom which in turn provides us with freedom! This is an awesome door opener and I would highly recommend it.

    Jennifer W.
  • Excellent product, exemplary customer service

    Excellent product, exemplary customer service

    Karen C.
  • Fantastic Product

    I got the AutoSlide Elite door opener because my wife has a bad shoulder and our patio door is very heavy. Everyone with a patio door should have one of these door openers. It works great. Push the button, door opens and forget it. I should have gotten this sooner but I didn't know about it. Working with this company is also great. They are VERY prompt and answer your emails within minutes.

    James W.
  • Great Lifestyle Upgrade!

    For years I have been pushing open my patio door with my wheelchair. However, I could not close it once outside and when it is over 100 degrees outside in Las Vegas, you definitely don't want the door left open very long. I often had to push against the glass of the door with the tip of my shoe because I could not get close enough to the frame. I feared one day I would break the door. So after overcoming a few challenges specific to our installation, the unit and the sensors (K9) are working great! No more worries of breaking the door or leaving it open when I'm outside. I recommend the Autoslide to anyone even if you're not disabled. It can be great for pets too and even makes it easier for the completely able-bodied.

    Erik O.
  • Great product & service

    I have ordered an autoslide kit, received it after few days and got it installed with ease in about an hour. Highly recommend this product.

    Issam Merhi
  • Great product!

    Great product!

  • Hardwired Motion Sensor

    Great service during the coronavirus pandemic! This was the last piece I needed for my custom application of an Autoslide system for a secret bookcase door into a home theater.

    Roger B.
  • I love them, I injured

    I love them, I injured my knee and could not go up and down the stairs, worked perfectly for the dog to go in and out. I would highly recommend this product, also for parents aging in place.

    Lisa W.
  • iLock

    We recently discovered the Autoslide from a neighbor and decided on the iLock and from install to performance we have been super impressed!! RFID tags work well, looks clean and we have recommended it to many since.

    Justin G.
  • Independence Day!

    I am extremely pleased with the freedom and independence that the RFID tag has given me. Due to my disability, opening my sliding door has always been difficult as I would have to maneuver my chair sideways and push the door with my legrests. Now, I simply drive toward the door on the inside or outside and it opens when I get near. I have the door set to give me plenty of time to through and simply let the door automatically close. I am so happy to this new found independence. My only regret is to not have installed the Autoslide with RFID tag years ago. I highly recommend this product, regardless if you have a disability.

    Erik O.

    Absolutely in love with this product. Easy to install, great quality, super quiet operation, very simple to program and has amazing accessories available too. I am actually so in love with this product that I am buying two more ;-)

    Nadine K.
  • Love the product. Easy self-install

    This was just what we were looking for. We have a patio slider directly from our kitchen to our waterfront deck and entertaining areas. Often going in and out with our hands full, not to mention the door often getting left open during AC season. The self-install took less than an hour.

    Robert W.
  • Motion sensors

    They work great! I am very pleased. They come with good adjustments. I am impressed!

    Gerard W.
  • Phenomenal customer service

    "I am a first time buyer and have received terrific customer service from Brian. He diligently double checked shipping information and went above and beyond. I sure appreciate those efforts, it is a rarity these days!
    Thank you!"

  • Very nice, durable unit

    I love the added security. Paired easily with my autoslide unit. Feels really high end. Would recommend!

    Michael M.
  • Autoslide is the best

    These worked well except in my case, the sun activated the outside sensor. Talked with Brian E. at Autoslide. Shipped me the microwave sensors which work better for my application. Excellent customer service from Brian. Easy to make contact with, was eager to solve my problem. An American company with people who speak English. Why go with a foreign product. Might cost less, but not in the long run.

    Karl J.
  • Customer Service Plus!

    Mr. Brian from customer service took over the communication with my problem. He was prompt, organized, helpful, and completed all that was necessary for the return of the product. I must say that FedEx let us down in the middle of the process, but Mr. Brian once again stepped up and made things right. The product is fine and I only wish I would have measured more closely prior to ordering. I cannot say enough about how this was handled. Brian and all deserve a big thumbs up and virtual "hug" from this customer. Give them a try. You will not be disappointed.

    John P.
  • Costly but worth the price!

    Costly but worth the price for this unique installation! My son used it in his new Clothing Store in Cincinnati area. He used it with the remote control to slide open the front door of a 7-up machine. It's the “Secret Entrance to the Mad Scientists Workshop!! Wish I could add a video! He wired the 7-up door so that if the person wanting to enter knew what button to push - your slide would automatically open!! Genius use of your product!!

    Charlotte B.

Autoslide Sliding Door Systems: A universal, easy-to-install automatic sliding door opener for existing sliding glass doors

Autoslide automatic sliding door opener technology creates easier access in and out of your home and between rooms inside. The original Autoslide smart door opener opens a single-panel door and the MultiDrive system automates both single and multi-panel doors. Both offer a wide variety of activation options to enable touchless accessibility for handicap accessible doors. Use for sliding patio doors, pet doors, disabled accessible automatic door slider, barn doors and sliding windows. Installs easily with your existing sliding door to add convenience and security.